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  Posted: Mar 10, 2012 2:13 AM FEED
48 Sierra
#KONY2012 at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Thanks @amberduryea
  • @invisiblechildren question, where does kony get all the weapons from? Doesn't that consist of some sort of income? How does he afford that??

  • @invisiblechildren 70million hits! I love you all at IC!!!

  • sejlaa 5y ago


  • so bummed that they are all out of kits =T

  • Great!

  • Everyone says there are posters all around but i havent seen ANY where i live :(

  • Epic

  • FACT: ICC is also a highway. ;)

  • yay got my kit and am putting up posters in NYC

  • What is kony?

  • Bravo!

  • That's what's up

  • @bluebuttons look up Kony 2012 on YouTube.... Its really sad, and we REALLY need to raise awareness! Stop Joseph Kony.

  • Ordered 200 posters with my friends. They'll be up in SoCal in no time.

  • Good foru(:<

  • 👍👍👍👍!! Fôłlów mê âńd ilł Fõllöw bâk!

  • True devotion(:

  • You guys came to my school at the beginning of the school year and today after researching I have come to find that your organization fails to provide the whole truth about Uganda. You use propaganda techniques as well as high quality produced videos to raise your yearly 13 million dollars which only 31% of the donations actually go to your cause. The rest in turn is spent on media, advertising, producing your high tech videos etc. Do you bother to mention that the child warriors originated 22 years ago? And the violence has since ceded by the LRA about 6 years ago? No, you don't explain this. And the American youth that you patronize to would not know this either b/c they are too young which is why you target us to spread your ideals. Why don't you mention the current dictator that has put himself in power for the past 3 years Museveni? And how he has committed more and even worse crimes against humanity including the genocides of the Congo, Alcholi, and rwanda. You and the u.s government are merely making kony your "bogeyman" and covering up the horrendous acts of Museveni so you can impose the u.s long term plan of AFRICOM which would allow the u.s to impose military power to counter-resource china. But who cares if the rest of Africa opposes AFRICOM? STOP GIVING HALF BASED TRUTHS AND GIVE THE WHOLE STORY. STOP COVERING UP FOR MUSEVENI AND FALSIFYING UGANDA. START UTILIZING YOUR FUNDS TO HELP THE PEOPLE IN AFRICA. AND TO EVERYONE JUMPING ALL OVER "KONY 2012" STOP BEING SO IGNORANT AND REALIZE THAT THERE IS ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY. START RESEARCHING BEFORE YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS AND START DONATING YOUR TIME AND MONEY TO A TRUSTWORTHY ORGANIZATION, NOT INVISIBLE CHILDREN.

  • Trolls are everywhere

  • Read @chafe's response. I just doubled my efforts and ordered two more bracelets. I enjoy their production quality.

  • I'm not a troll, simply research Museveni if you want to find out for yourself @burkedaniel

  • Yeah. You're right though. We should all just go watch some more adult swim and stop being pretentious Americans and continue minding our own selfabsorbed business. And satiate our various habits with our expendable income because it's not gonna "help" anyway so why bother gambling a little spare change on an organization that *might* be condensing a lot of information for the MTV audience's sake since they're the ones with all their daddys' money to blow on either something that could potentially be humanitarian OR the next Rihanna album. Yeah. I'd rather Rihanna get a few more dollars in royalties after her label has taken its cut than ignorant youth putting dollars in the hands of a humanitarian organization that when not printing teeshirts is building elementary schools for the underprivileged. You're right. You're all right.

  • Y'all go head with your bad selves. And your "online" "research". You tell em. You know best.

  • I think people are missing the point. The campaign is bringing light to a horrible situation in Uganda which should be addressed. If you worry so much about where the money is going then DON'T DONATE. It's simply a donation, not a sum you are required to pay. Instead of spreading hate, acknowledge that it's people trying to make a change.

  • @chafe the sad thing is the use of child soldiers actually originated much further back in history than 22 years ago. The LRA has actually kidnapped roughly 1,000 children and killed 2,000 civilians in the past year, according to reports made by Invisible Children and other sources. So no, the LRA has not stopped although they have left Uganda. These couple facts are actually mentioned in the video which I would encourage you to watch again. You mention that we are too young and too easily fooled, that organizations like Invisible Children take advantage of us. I have news for you, Invisible Children is RUN by us. By 16, I have collectively raised over $27,000 for Invisible Children and have completed a multitude of research on the subject of the LRA using resources other than just Invisible Children. Do not doubt the youth of this world. Please consider how you would feel about Kony's capture and this campaign if he had directly affected your own family or friends because he has affected mine and I will not rest until he is brought to justice.

  • @chafe Museveni isn't at the top of the wanted list for the ICC, Kony is! If we can stop Kony then maybe we can stop everyone else too! No Kony isn't the only bad guy in the world but he is one of them and does need to be stopped, don't advocate for letting him continue his actions! Advocate for the stopping of all in humane acts including the actions of Joseph Kony! #kony2012

  • @bailey_bailey you are an incredible human being.

  • Yeaaaah!!!!!!

  • iclau1 5y ago

    You start where you can. Kony is where we can start from. Slowly we can start to making bigger moves. @chafe you're not the first person I hear saying that... But all I can say is if it bothers you that much then you should do what invisible children did and make a move instead of posting on instagram hating on an organization and a group of people that stepped up and decided to do something about it. and just an advice, keep saying things you do you're just gonna be considered a heartless person that rather sit back and criticize everyone else that is actually willing to help people that are suffering. You complain but I don't see you doing anything about it.

  • zizi_t 5y ago

    @chafe First of all I am in no way affiliated with Invisible Children and some of what you said is true. But as much as you accuse IC of not telling the whole truth you yourself have left out a lot. On many occasions they have stated that they are not a charity that purely focuses on the program's at base e.g. Uganda, they do so much more than that and it's up to the individual to choose whether they want to invest in that. There are massive charities out there who spend millions on the exact same thing such as advertisements and merchandise, at least they are honest about it. You should go and vent at those charities too. Kony is at the top of the ICC hit list so they want him now and they can deal with other problems later. As a matter of fact there are many charities who choose to focus on one objective at a time it as well is not uncommon. If you were actually paying attention whilst watching the video or any of Jason Russell's interviews you would know he has mentioned time and time again that Kony is no longer in Uganda an this has been going on for years. Saddam Huessein himself had little to know power in the end does that mean they should have let him live the rest of his life happily because he no longer was a major threat.

  • zizi_t 5y ago

    @chafe the AFRICOM thing well that's a matter of opinion whether you feel that that is the governments agenda. I do not pretend to know what the government is thinking. But I do believe that that is not IC agenda. I feel the charity is quite intelligent in utilising the youth, a lot of charities target adults who are already set in their opinions and ways with no space for change. The youth rarely get something to believe in that is not a celebrity so go ahead target them, and give them a cause because at the end of the day the message is pure. I am someone who has done my extensive research, who has worked for charities for years, and who has seen first hand the lack of humanity this world has to offer, and I am glad Invisible Children has stepped up to the plate even if it's not addressing the most pressing matter in the world, it's what matters to them. Do not push your opinions and try to discourage others. Present the fact and your thoughts and let people make their own decision. So if you want to endorse the cause and it's charity go ahead you should not feel ashamed because people like you do not believe in it, if you do not want to endorse the cause that is still your own decision to make.

  • WELL SAID @corbs89 - totally agree!

  • @chafe You're right. Its so terrible that millions of people around the world, mainly 25 and under are donating time, money, and attention to this campaign. How dare the younger generations get excited about something that actually matters! it's incredible to me that haters are giving this campaign and charity so much energy these past few days as well as ranting about the "uninformed" supporters. Invisible Children doesn't have a standard charity setup, and they did that on purpose. Movie, movement, and mission... And that would spilt funds into oh say, 30sone percent!? The only reason that the world (and you) are FINALLY taking notice about Kony and the LRA is because of the movie and soon to be movement.

  • Did you know that they started educating people about the crisis over there almost 10 years ago when they saw it first hand? Or that they don't claim that Kony is the only problem over there... There is a lot going on. But getting Kony out of the picture is the first step to the world taking control of our future. It's saying that we will unite on every front possible as HUMAN BEINGS and we won't let war criminals and the worst of the word go unnoticed anymore. But your right, we should just continue to sit on the couch watching Jersey Shore while this incredible time in our lives passes us by. Ps. Thanks to all the haters I bought 25 more posters to shove in your face while you sit on your couch behind your computer...

  • @makrause88 well said. *high five*

  • ems_ie 5y ago

    @bailey_bailey @carolynrosemary @zizi_t @makrause88 👏👏👏 well said, guys!!! @chafe you haters/critics need to realize that IC never identified themselves as a charity. They are an advocacy group. They are not getting rich off of IC or this movement and are, in my opinion applying funds appropriately and in line with their three-fold mission!!! If people don't agree, they aren't required to donate. #Kony2012 is about harnessing the power within us to unite and cause a positive change, and to realize that we do not have to settle for the only information our media focuses on! We have more power than is usually realized. Furthermore, Invisible Children never claimed that child soldiering started with Kony or will end with Kony, or that he is the only problem!!! They, putting it simply, saw a problem and have dedicated their lives to make it better. Stop making up your own truths about this cause and organization and realize what their real aim is and always has been.... PEACE!

  • @makrause88 you go gurl!!

  • @nazurahusop - I believe the weapons come from the Sudanese Government, supporters of the LRA. If I'm wrong someone correct me.

  • @opensayzemi I completely agree, 110%!!! Thank you for expressing such eloquent truths on here! :)

  • Ordered kit a few days ago and putting ip posters around town in oklahoma! @invisiblechildren

  • @opensayzemi you go girl

  • @opensayzemi @mrs_haring & @meaganwins, thanks guys. It's okay. Let there be a few of them. There are millions of us. And our battle is not with them.

  • You're welcome!!

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