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Solid weekend up in Palo Alto. Thank you @sgumin and Co. for hosting yet another solid tailgate. Looking forward to seeing a lot of you in LA this weekend. Go Ducks!
Here’s to @casa_agria getting that @greatamericanbeerfestival Gold Medal in the Belgian Style Lambic or Sour Ale category with their collaboration with @degardebrewing. Throwing down this El Sur before @goducks kicks off against WSU. 🍺🐥☝🏼🏅
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Nothin' can stop me, I'm "on my" way up. One of my favorite humans.
I've got to say, Wyoming did not disappoint. Laramie is a very cool little college, country town. The campus was beautiful. Awesome tailgating location on one side of the stadium. The view from our seats in the highest elevated D1 stadium in the country (2000ft higher than Mile High Stadium) was nothing less than breathe taking. Cap it all off with great company and an Oregon W. A great quick getaway. #goducks #dosomething #onewyoming #GoWyo.
Get inspired. @drama and @Kevion just have a way off getting your mindset right. Highly recommend you give the Short Story Long podcast a listen. Specifically the episodes with Kevion. Life changing. Continue to inspire fellas.#Repost @drama (@get_repost)
I always have a good time sitting in the podcast chairs and talking to @kevion about success & mindset. We're still on the search for all of the answers but it's fun as hell to go back and forth about different strategies and techniques that help. Thanks again to coach Kev for doing this weeks episode. I hope you guys got some useful info! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
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We can be knowledgeable with other men’s knowledge, but we can’t be wise with other men’s wisdom. - David Brooks.
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jakon11 11w ago
Successful weekend out at Route 66 Raceway this weekend. Always great to meet and catch-up with customers in person. Had 3 cars go to the final round in 3 different classes. #tbmbrakes