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sullylife 292w ago
Fresh uni. This is happening.

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Anyone else sour that Forza 7 doesn't have a multiplayer drift lobby yet??? 😡 I'm tryin to tandem dudes! @forzamotorsportofficial
I sure would love to build an S2000 one day.
3100 miles around the US this week chasing a new wide body Hellcat with a great crew. @thehouseofmuscle
What my child hood dreams were made of. Traveling cross country with @thehouseofmuscle @motortrend. Quick stop by Hennessey to check out a modern day legend or two.
It's been too long since I've done fun car stuff with my fun car. Ive been staying real busy but a bit incognito lately working on projects I'm not allowed to share on here quite yet! Also I miss Japan. #闘魂evolution #35mmfilm #fujivelvia100