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It was both rainy and dark out this morning when I got up to fit my workout in. It’s not easy to fit in time for yourself... time to workout, time to do your own thing ... but you’ll be a happier mom if you do. I know that’s true for me. Plan a way to make it happen, whether it’s early morning like me or after the kids go to bed.
Getting up when it’s dark out to lift weights doesn’t exactly make me bound out of bed 😜 but the way I feel afterward and the energy I have through the day makes it SO worth it! Plus then I can pull my sweats on when I get home guilt feee 😍

Make it a great day!
Day 1/21 count down to Hawaii is on and we just completed the day 1 agility workout of our 21 day program! Looking forward to feeling confident and carefree in my swim suit 👙 come November!
My new wellness week group started today! Here is my breakfast from day 1. 2 egg and veggie scramble with roasted yams topped with avocado 🥚🍠🥑 I’m starting another round of wellness week in two weeks! If you want more info comment below and I’ll reach out 🙋🏼
A little meal prep goes a long way!
Meal plan for the week ✅
Chopping veggies ✅
Fridge cleaned out ✅

Now to grab a few more groceries and we are set to tackle this week!
This guy with his backwards T double mixin the pancakes is my biggest little helper😍 Sunday fun day 🥞🥓 I love getting my boys in the kitchen with me even if it’s slightly messier it’s time well spent together making memories and building a strong skill set!
The boys often workout with us but never last long... tonight we tested out a brand NEW partners workout for families and the boys did the whole 30 minutes🤜🏻🤛🏻 This new workout program for doubles doesn’t come out until November but this weekend you can try it out!
We actually had so much fun, plenty of laughs and learned a lot!
Make the home the healthiest place 🏡💪🏼❤️
Baking Chocolate cupcakes with the boys as requested for our family movie night tonight! I pre measured everything for fraser into kid bowls so it was easy and fun for him to follow the list, dump and stir! Asher manned the mixer and fraser was on ingredients! Mom was the supervisor 👷🏼‍♀️this guy has been asking to bake cupcakes for weeks maybe even months so today is the day!! 🍰🍫
Waking up an hour early is like a gift I give myself every day 🎁

Today I did 3 things for myself in my hour.
10 minutes of guided meditation
30 minutes of totally body yoga
10 minutes to enjoy a hot cups of coffee under a soft blanket.

The remaining 10 minutes is lost in getting dressed, brushing teeth and the like.
Self care isn’t selfish. If you find yourself saying that you just don’t have time to workout or do something for yourself then I encourage you to drop all your “reasons” why you are different from me and make the time. Wake up early, your body and mind will thank you. It’s only hard for about 30 seconds. ⏰

Happy Friday my friends
Don't think about what can happen in a month. Don't think about what can happen in a year.
Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.

Want something? Take action, Friends!
Now go rock out this day that’s been given to you! ✨BE AWESOME ✨
We are half way through the week!! Here are 8 Simple Tips that I try to Live By Everyday!

1.) Stop comparing!
2.) Make drinking water fun!
3.) Plan/prep your meals!
4.) Make motivational notes to yourself!
5.) Write your goals down!
6.) Make mental health a priority!
7.) Press play everyday!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving 🦃 weekend with so much delish food and drink 🥂 BUT we leave for Hawaii in less than a month 🌴 so we NEED to kickstart ourselves and get back on track with our healthy routines!
We decided to start the week with a 5 Day Yoga Challenge and the 3 Day refresh. Our plan to start a 3 week strength and Agility program right after that!

5am Upper Body Yoga Challenge Day 1 complete! Feeling pretty great 💁🏼 Happy Tuesday ☕️
Last of the season from our garden 💛 still more potatoes to dig up but that’s enough for today.

Baby potatoes
Golden raspberries
Beautiful sunny day at the pumpkin patch! Now it’s time to get some gardening, meal prep and blogging done!! Got a few recipes that need to get onto the blog ASAP ✍🏼 The pumpkin patch is absolutely one of my fav annual traditions and I love looking back at photos from each year! Do you go to a pumpkin patch or pick up your pumpkins from a store?
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie is the perfect way to start to this Thanksgiving day! 🍂

¼ cup water
¾ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 scoop Vanilla protein power (I used vanilla Shakeology)
½ cup canned pumpkin puree
1 tsp. pure maple syrup (or raw honey)
1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 cup ice

1. Place water, almond milk, Shakeology, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, and ice in blender; cover. Blend until smooth.

Get my own pumpkin Spice Mix recipe here:
When you have all the ingredients to make your fav pizza because of thanksgiving... AND you also have wine! 🥂 Can you guess what’s on this glorious pizza??
For a long while I’ve enjoyed sweaty intense workouts that leave me feeling accomplished afterwards. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve slowed things down to stretch my self out, create space in my body and release tightness. Surprisingly I feel just as accomplished after a yoga practice as I do a HIIT workout! Yoga challenges the body in different ways while still restoring and recovering.
Waking up is never easy but the quiet of the house at 5am and the super chill cup of coffee after I’ve finished make it so worth losing a bit of sleep over.
Making time for ourselves can feel impossible but making the sacrifice for yourself is so worth it. Would you get up at 5am to give your child medicine if they needed it? Of course you would, it might be hard but you would make the sacrifice for your child. Why do we find it so hard to make room for taking care of ourselves?
Recognition no matter what the reward is pretty great! I received a random box in the mail today with this (picnic blanket) inside as recognition of my work helping others on their health and fitness journeys! Picnic season is over but I’m sure we will make good use of it come spring 🍂🌷I also received an email tonight congratulating me on a bonus I earned too! (Yay for 🎅🏼Christmas money)
For me every time I receive even the smallest of praise or recognition I am so grateful because most companies do nothing for their employees until they have been there 25 years or more! I’m so glad I’ve partnered with a company that recognizes my efforts in big was and small!
Good morning ☀️ here is your daily reminder to fill up your own cup today. Take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of others 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Monday’s are my favourite days because it’s a fresh start, and often it’s my day home with this little. We workout, drink coffee (milk for him), run errands, clean house and he even gets a nap while I get some work done! These “mom days” are my happy place 💜