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See u on Friday my litel printet
Daddy misses u soooooo much!! ❤
Happy birthday Mam @tinam23! This was taken 5 yrs ago but today u still look as gorgeous as ever! 😄
Happy Mothers Day to my loving and gorgeous wife Anj! Thanks for raisng the kids like how our folks did us I love you!! :) 😄💜
Thank you 2016! It has been an awesome year with these ones! Looking forward to more adventures in 2017! Happy New Year! :) #newyear2017
So it's you! Excited for your gifts later,Santa☺
Goal for today: make the queen bee happy 😊

Happy Birthday Bee thanks for being the partner I've always prayed for- loving wife and Mommy to our kids; solid faith, so witty, blooper-prone, pretty sexy and all! 😃😄😆 Love you so much happy 39th! :)