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User Image marilynmanson Posted: Dec 25, 2016 1:27 PM (UTC)

917 Clarendon
The books "HOLY BIBLE" and "THE EXORCIST" share a XMAS bond. They are both stories about virgin girls, with Christ inside of them.
  • @straightouttacoffin Ohhh, but there is. 😏

  • 😂

  • You need help

  • coravxk 10M ago

    @joseph.isa__ you need to pull that tampon outa yo asshole.

  • kami_lk 10M ago

    You are a poor boy

  • kami_lk 10M ago

    Go to your dad. Why do you remember the Lord?

  • kami_lk 10M ago

    If you do not need God, then why do you remember Him? 😏😏

  • @_.mawndana._h پیداش کردممم 😍😍😇😇

  • its not tru Quran is tru ❤

  • @marilynmanson we were at sacre coeur today. I forgot to invite you at my wedding. Forgive me daddy

  • Good vs evil

  • God loves you all

  • 💯

  • @noor.w.mansour Jesus will open your heart & mind sis😊 Sir, @marilynmanson You need help😊 Let Jesus comes to your life😊 Jesus Bless U😊

  • @nj.meachum Yes😢 He is lost. Hope he'll in light with Jesus again. Amen

  • @hanny.sirait I really hope so 🙏🏼

  • Your a fool! Your blind white nigga ! Find God in your life!

  • I like you A LOT

  • I'm Catholic

  • Don't mock god nigga

  • GOD is always god.

  • Lol 😆😆😆

  • Of all the thousands of religions in this world, why are y'all certain Christianity is the right one , you're all just scared to go to hell, look at the bible for once and all the absurd shit it says you're supposed to do. Think for yourself

  • I can't tell you enough how important this message is. This is man is sending so many down the path to Hell. Eternity in Hell is no joke. Life on Earth goes by just like that and after that judgement. Jesus is the only way to be saved. It's not too late, Jesus will never turn His back if you seek Him. Anyone who speaks against the Bible does not understand it, when filled with the Holy Spirit it makes perfect sense. Repent and believe in the Gospel.

  • @christ_is_king_of_kings boy u dumbass go bend over for jesus elsewhere ya faitytale loving motherfucker

  • @mychedelick I love how people who have never read the Bible make absolute statements about it. No I am not aware of all the absurd things I'm supposed to do? except trust Jesus with blind faith and not need to see something to believe like so many atheists... people who are atheists cannot see themselves living under the higher authority of a righteous God who sets morals. This false sense of freedom the world is trying to make us all feel is garbage that will lead you to eternity in Hell... the Bible is black and white when it comes to the everlasting part. You go to heaven or you go to hell. Forever. It isn't a joke.. I feel pain in my own heart at the number who will miss the straight and narrow path. Jesus is the 1 and only truth to eternity in heaven. God bless

  • Everyone's entitled to their own opinions and Marilyn is juts

  • Is just stating his..

  • :)

  • @vincefarris I went to church for years and read the bible, it says absurd shit, I have great morals and I'm a great person, ik Christians who are awful people, why are you so fucking certain that 1 religion is real when there are so many different stories?

  • Every other religion involves self saving.. we cannot save ourselves from ourselves..... Jesus died one time for all sin. And was resurrected in 3 days. Tell me what other religion involved that. It's not about religion. It's about a relationship with the Heavenly Father...@mychedelick

  • @vincefarris wdym what other religion involves that?? None do! I'm not saying there are thousands of religions that involve Jesus dying on a cross. Wtf did Jesus do for my sins

  • Jesus is God... God came down to earth... lived on earth... as a man... died and endured as much pain as a man could. Your Maker felt the max pain any human could and lost His life after being nailed hand and foot to a wooden cross for hours.... then resurrected Himself 3 days later. That is what Jesus did for Your sins. He died on that cross so all of "us other" the humans like you and me who sin on a daily basis would be able to be saved by repentance of asking for forgiveness.... and that is grace. Jesus did that for us as well. be careful how you speak about what the Holy One did for you before researching yourself. Develop a relationship with Him and watch your life grow.

  • MisS yㅇu👿

  • :((

  • What the fuck you mean virgins?! Berk Dennys

  • Te amo ♥

  • But Jesus woul NOT be an asshole to Marilyn. In the bible, it says he hung out with guys like this. He showed them the way by being their friend. Marilyn Manson is NOT a bad guy. He just needs help. Dont be mean 2 him. His music is good

  • With the exorcist trying to fake that bible like the devil tries.. Failures

  • 😂😂

  • fuck the devil

  • fuck lucifer

  • all u fuck niggas need jesus

  • @vincefarris jesus is not god he just a messager from god

  • Fuck Satan he a bitch just like marlyin Manson is going to hell


  • fuck him im with god im in god hands

  • Hahahaha! Hail Satan, my friend.

  • God is with me

  • @yo_youngnrestless lmao these ppl fucked

  • Jesus rules nigga

  • Fuck dis regular white boy tryna act like he so different and evil. You ain't shit gay bitch

  • @sarahyousiff_ LMFAO tag angel

  • @former_atheist well said brother!

  • Fuck the devil

  • Lmao youre going to hell

  • I really love the way you are 😍❤️

  • fuck you satan and glorious to jesus christ forever

  • no better than jesus christ for everything

  • @sinaga9752 you cant say 'fuck' & 'jesus' on the same line

  • Pray to God for mercy. You're going to burn in hell.

  • Stupid guys. Fuck him @marilynmanson

  • mis baratijas

  • @marilyn.manson.darkness.devill how can you be a satanist and an atheist like

  • God punish you

  • @former_atheist all the way brother in Christ all the way

  • @gavincantucobain123 so it's not about his music its about how he respects GOD

  • Yes it is. In my eyes his music doesn't give off anything that's non respecting towards God. I hate it when people say things like just cuz he wears make up or dresses he's against God. It's like"I wear eyeliner and I'm STILL more commited to Christ than you". I guess what I'm tryna say is appearance doesn't matter with that. And I also think it's better for a Christian to listen to Marilyn than an atheist. Christians already have the state of mind of a Christian. @michele_greene13

  • Marilyn Manson got me through hard times. So I guess you can say that God used him to do good. Athiest or not, God can use you.

  • Your a demon🖤

  • @doralitie چیو ؟😕

  • @_ava.ka آیدی منسون 😊😁

  • 😂

  • This is the only person lil uzi vert follows. This man worships the devil. So what does this prove.

  • Glory to JESUS CHRIST!! Who is the reason we are here today!!

  • Fuk u satanic bitches we wit god


  • Only God should judge the living and the dead, so don't mind what they say just live your freewill. (God loves you)

  • LOL! Classic Marilyn

  • This is gourgeous where can I find one

  • I don't think you're really a satanist... neither an atheist... I just think you're a man with deep feelings who feels deceive for any human institution called church... but the matter is that God's not the church... I don't either believe in Human institutions... they all suck...

  • Lord forgive him

  • I wouldn't be talking, u believe in Satan aka the Devil.

  • Bahahaha

  • I agree with rocio.. Manson is man with very big feelings and lot of people doesnt understand what he wanna say to us .to world. But thats the point of artrist.... Manson know how to use that art in songs pics words... . i think that Manson is a very sensitive nice person but with big hidden feelingd inside of his heart . . .

  • @girl_drowning613 Words of wisdom 🦂😈👻🤓👉🏼🍑💦

  • @hanny.sirait god bless you

  • @jaden.blevins that he has good taste

  • @lalli.92 lo schifo. No parole.

  • Yeah

  • 4t.las 5M ago


  • wey! 💡😂💀 @arabe_fabiola

  • y'all getting brain washed this nigga sold his soul

  • May Jesus Christ forgive you.

  • This common

  • Satan is in tht nigga

  • Lies

  • Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit." Matthew 15:14

  • Prays the lord

  • I'm reporting this page I love the lord

  • Lmao , do you preform an exorcism in the name of Christ to banish Crist ? Thats some stupid logic you got there. Clown.

  • Fuck u

  • Words of “Lucifer”

  • Ur fucking descusting

  • @alex_huncho_ god did. Watch the news

  • Y como dijo Jesús: Dios perdonalos ellos no saben lo que hacen

  • Nice piece of jewellery! Where can I find it? I would like that one so bad

  • Fuck u 🖕🖕🖕lil pussy scared to show it face dumbass

  • I love how so many people are on here spreading truth and at least speaking out against he basic principles of satanic worship and the world of darkness it creates...spread more love and more peace to all. @marilynmanson you were created as well my friend. You too have a heart that bleeds the same blood as us all, and you too can lose your life or gain your life, at any moment in time. The things that happened to you as a young boy and adolescent don't define you. It wasn't your fault my friend...grace and peace to all✌️

  • What the fuck is this. This is blasphemy in the highest order. Jesus is King of all and God of all. There is nothing you van do to change that

  • @gregkennedy93 thank God for people like you

  • @m_rukevwe please for the love of God come to your senses. Jesus is but a prophet, a messenger, not the son of God nor God himself. You are following the right beliefs, why can't you follow the right religion? It makes sense that God would be the most powerful, most mighty, patient, merciful (etc.), so how can God be a human? a human that "died"? How can God die? In my religion, Jesus is but a prophet and we follow and love him and his mother, but we worship a God that this whole universe is never to even comprehend to until the day we see him for our judgements. Why is it that you share my beliefs and you are wiser than the people here, yet you cannot use logic yo understand that a God is too powerful and too majestic, too perfect for a human being to comprehend to, never mind see? when moses asked to see God, God refused his offer. When moses insisted, God told him that if He were to reveal himself to the mountains, they would turn to dust. Do you think humans are stronger than mountains? Why dont you follow the book that hasn't been changed, not even a symbol of it, for more than 1,400 years. Yet you follow a book that's been tampered by humans. You are of right beliefs my friend, just not the right book. Remember, we both share prophets and love for them. You're worshipping God as much as I am, why can't you be worshipping the right Lord?

  • @ivonneromann "They are blind, deaf and dumb."- Quran. We share beliefs my friend, and we share the same God. Follow the right book, that tells you that God is one and only, most perfect and most beautiful. Not any human can comprehend to his form, never mind a brink of his Light. Jesus is but a prophet, not the son of God and not God himself.

  • ⚰️🖤🖤

  • 🙌🏾🙌🏾👹

  • 👨‍🎨👻👩‍🎨👓😌🤧✍️🤪🎭💩☕️😭💜☂️👻

  • 🔥🔥🔥

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