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Two very important parts of the UP electronics setup - friends and the battery back up ❤️🆙
It's been a year since we had to say goodbye to Charlie. The thing I miss the most is the way he would insist that I sit on the couch each time I got back from New York. Then, he'd curl up by my feet and everything was okay. My feet have been cold ever since. #Charlie #dog #cockapoo #restinpeace
#TBT to the time I found a baby bunny on the street and had a wild pet rabbit for a few years
When the luggage has to fit, but the car is too light and you need to hold it in place
What a fitting way to end our last east coast weekend rehearsal #UP17
Pit staff hype shirt and UPfront sunglasses. My Dayton wardrobe is complete #UP17 #wgi2017
Rainy regional, late night/early morning rehearsals, and entering hour 7 of driving. ❤️🆙 #UP17 #WGITomsRiver
Blasphemy! This cup has nothing to do with Christmas!
I always like walking past these houses because they look like such good friends #Brooklyn #DitmasPark #NYC
Got a new thing for my camera, so of course the first thing I did was take a picture of Phoebe's nose #Phoebe #pitbully #dog
I'll miss working in a fancy basement with a giant skylight #FifthAvenue