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Most badass cake ever.

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I don’t post a lot of books I’ve designed, so here are the end sheets for the Groo Friends and Foes HC. If Groo had an Instagram, I’d tag him. #bookdesign
Sal was a v good pigboi today. Didn’t barf in the car and didn’t embarrass me or Charlie by squealing like a baby at the piggy clinic
Fun hangs last night in the east village at Otto’s Shrunken Head and Manitoba’s, where Dick himself was bartending. He called me and Melissa his “punk rock pals” and we chatted with him outside for a while. Super rad!
Best! Cosplays! 👸🏾🍑👟👶🏻🐵🍌
Found my new friend Linus again! He’s a cool dude!
First dinner in Manhattan with my Dark Horse Lit Fam.
What beautiful angel sent me this cute ass drank pin? I LOVE YOU. #mysterygifts or #drunkshopping?