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anjemarie 293w ago
I totally caught her off guard (my beautiful grandmother), she thought it was funny I was taking her picture in the grocery store. But she knows I love capturing normal everyday moments.

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...the 'old men' enjoying their ice cream cones on a very warm-humid day in Bangkok. I always enjoy hearing their little conversations, they mostly thought we were crazy that day for dragging them all over town to see one historic site after another. Oh and also cramming ourselves (all five of us) into a little bitty tuk-tuk.
the youngest one said "mom, I'm license to dive before I can drive!"
(Best advice we received so far was to go dive in Komodo National Park.)
unexpected fun for the trip - boys all decided they wanted their open water diver PADI certification.
relaxing and horsing around
yes, they 'had to' stand under it to feel how it feels.
...because we haven't shared a jumpstagram in a really long time
youngest said I could post this one of him with his...grandparents (their first time on a camel and their first time in the Middle East).
A little out of the way but happy we made the drive.
Headed for the next destination, leaving is always hard.
the best place to hike through the clouds is in the #faroeislands
you need to have your sea legs ready for this ride in the #faroeislands
The homes in this country are beautiful just like the people :)
-you can't keep my boys out of the water, no matter what the temperature is.