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Brazilian Day did me dirty but this piña colada was bomb 💣🍍
"I am loyal to nothing except the dream." -Captain America #comiccon2017
Nothing is the same without you you! Really missing ya @s_murphaa 👯
Wishing we were back on the Venice Beach Boardwalk buying knickknacks we don't need 🕶📿🛍👙👯 @s_murphaa
Two pees in a pod, peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, Yin and Yang, peaches and cream.. you can call it what ever you want... we are best friends till death do us part @s_murphaa . I wish you the happiest birthday babe. 10 more days 👯
Nothing says kook more than a pair of croakies, day-off shirt and a oversized beverage! #touristforaday