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First time lobster 😎 Yummy.
Difficult to eat!
  • Also did you try sapporo beer? The name suggests it's Japanese restaurant...

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And I thought kids of today are not enjoying the real childhood like I did πŸ˜‚
First Origami, flapping bird. More to come 😎
Thank you Virgin Trains for making my day. Little things matter!
First come this Skyline view from Exchange Place, then Brooklyn Park and then Newport!
One of the best captures in a long time, plus the beautiful background :-)
Enjoying skyscrapers in New York for a week starting today 😎 Trump Tower!
A bright sunny day but the blanket doesn't want me to leave πŸ˜‰
Past few years have been great with this collection that I have. Now, will have to leave most of them back home...
Not a great place anymore, but this view was still awesome πŸ˜€