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书籍是男人很好的替代品,尤其是虚构的小说。但你也不赖 😉 “A book is a good substitute for a man. Fiction, preferably” ― Kamala Das, Wages of Love

But you aren't too bad. 😉 📸: @casiosg #ExilimZR5000 📍: @myaerotel 📚: @thenovelencounter 💇🏻‍♂️💇🏼: @xxkenjixxsoon @ng_fannie #ShunjiMatsuo #TheEpiphanyDuplet

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#OOTD as a #Starwars rebel for #China's @mcDonalds company retreat in the Expo.

Haven't been updating as I was busy training with the #LoopFightSG team free-running and fight stunts! Being the only girl in the whole fight performance is pretty daunting, but thankfully the guys were all looking out for me! :) 📷: @ehlearn
User Image tiffanyyongwt Posted: Jan 9, 2018 7:20 AM (UTC)

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2018 的第一发。祝我 #生日快乐🎂

First post of #2018. #HappyBirthday to me! Thanks for loving me.
2017 快结束了。在新的一年来临前,记得原谅那些伤害过你的人。无论多么痛多么不堪,等你活得更好时,你会发现,是他们让你此刻的幸福更有厚度,更弥足珍贵。你想起他们,没有仇恨,只有云淡风轻的记忆,以及残存的美好,他们每个人都变成你人生的一个意义,在该出现的地方出现过,造就了你未来的不一样。放过他们等于放过自己。
2017 is coming to an end. Before the new year starts, remember to forgive those who had hurt you. No matter how painful, when you've crossed over and led a better life, you will discover that it's these people (who had hurt you) whom made the better times more precious and fulfilling.

When you think of them, there won't be hatred, just a gentle memory, and the reminiscent of the past.Each of them will become someone meaningful in your life, appearing at a time where they belonged, resulting in a different and current you... Forgiving them is forgiving yourself. 💇🏻‍♀️: @ng_fannie from @shunjimatsuo
User Image tiffanyyongwt Posted: Dec 17, 2017 3:00 PM (UTC)

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It's #InternationalBeatYourBoyfriendDay so here's a little fight video for you guys. Nah, Just Joking

Inspired by a takedown in a scene from @sonypicturessg @jumanjimovie #WelcometotheJungle, @PepsGoh choreographed this little fight scene for me and I was relieved it came out good when I've been a tissue monster for the whole day.
Learning how to look like I'm punching hard took me some time, especially that head butt which is a hair flick in reality. The straddle looked scary but it was super fun for me (partly because I know I'm in good hands). Special thanks to @KasimirPohCieslak and @erazor7 for taking time out to film this #LoopFightSG video.
User Image tiffanyyongwt Posted: Dec 12, 2017 3:01 PM (UTC)

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Sometimes, a damsel in distress is not what it seems. 😛

Thanks @pepsgoh and the production team for giving me a chance to save the day! 😁

#STREAM is now up on facebook! Head over with the link in bio to watch a bunch of people get brutalised by the @kasimirpohcieslak
Project directed by @shianwen
What could look like bars of a cage from one angle may actually be but a garden swing set. Which ever it may be, smile! - by @pepsgoh 📷: @tangenghui
💄: @yayakuitz #yayakuitzmua .
👕: @americaneaglesg #ICAN #AEOsg #AEOStyle
Hadn’t been updating as I was down with a severe bout of 🤧flu+cough+cold😷. Was accompanying @pepsgoh for his eye review when I saw this great deal... Thought I would share it with anyone who don’t mind some spare $ for the festive season! 😂
Guess the number of @acuvue oasys 1-Day series boxes and stand a chance to win $1288 cash!
How to:
1) visit @woptics at @sunteccity and snap a photo with #Acuvuesg oasys 1-Day series Christmas tree
2) Get the lucky draw ticket, circle the correct answer and drop it into the lucky draw box!
3) upload the photo on to #WOptics FB contest post
3) Share & tag 3 friends

P.s. remember to like and follow W Optics on both Fb and Instagram!
📷: @pepsgoh
I’m not a #beer person, but recently, I’ve gotten a splash of unexpected refreshment with brand new, limited edition #TigerRadler lime & ginger when I made them into delicious ice-pops.

P.S It tasted just like #cider!
Together with #TigerRadlerSg lemon 🍋, they are available at hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores now. Thanks @tigerbeersg for the little treat and cute mini fridge!
@PepsGoh says this photo of me when I was getting my makeup done by @yayakuitz looked sexie. No prize for guessing what’s my expression in reply to his comment. 😒 📷: @tangenghui
🌍: 🎥: @shianwen
Assistant Director: @kasimirpohcieslak
Production Manager: @DexterCJR, 📜: #TheEpiphanyDuplet #LoveAtSecondSight #二见钟情
在片场上,除了导演和化妆师,还有‘他’最重要!那就是咋们的 制片(经理)了!因为 Dextercjr 身兼多职,从伙食、预算到现场秩序都是他负责。包括制止 Peps Goh 吴宇冲 一直开冷笑话!

Besides the director and makeup artist, our Production Manager @DexterCjr is one of the most important crew on set! He had to juggle our meals, budgeting as well as the order on set, and yes, that include stopping @PepsGoh from making lame puns... #二见钟情 网络短片即将播出了!
More about #LoveAtSecondSight coming soon!! #BehindTheScenes 📷: @TanGengHui
Director of Photography 🎥: @ShianWen
Assistant Director: @kasimirpohcieslak 💄: @yayakuitz #yayakuitzmua
📜: #TheEpiphanyDuplet
Is it possible to have a crush on Someone you barely know? What would you do if you're "sort of" in love with him?
More about #LoveAtSecondSight #二见钟情 coming soon!! #BehindTheScenes 📷: @tangenghui
🌍: 🎥: @shianwen
Assistant Director: @kasimirpohcieslak
Production Manager: @DexterCJR
💄: @yayakuitz #yayakuitzmua 👕: @americaneaglesg, #ICAN, #AEOsg, #AEOStyle
📜: #TheEpiphanyDuplet
Are you ready for the 11.11 online revolution sale on @lazada_sg? If you are not, check out my website for some tips on getting the best out of the #LazadaSG mega sale + a Sneak peek of what's inside @maybelline surprise box! #ShopTheUniverse

Link in bio ☝️
如果你感到委屈,证明你还有底线 。如果你感到迷茫,证明你还有追求 。如果你感到痛苦,证明你还有力气 。如果你感到绝望,证明你还有希望 。从某种意义上,你永远都不会被打倒,因为你还有你…… ——送给纠结的你

If you feel wronged, it means you still have a bottom line. If you feel lost, it means you still have a goal in mind. If you feel pained, it means you still have strength. If you feel hopeless, it means there's still hope in you. In some sense, you will never be defeated, because there's still you in you...
- For the entangled you 📷: @tangenghui
💄: @yayakuitz #yayakuitzmua 👕: @americaneaglesg, #ICAN, #AEOsg, #AEOStyle
🎒: @gastonluga, #gastonluga
Use promo code "TheEiphanyDuplet" and get 15% off your purchase! 📜: #TheEpiphanyDuplet #LoveAtSecondSight #二见钟情
🍁Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. 🍂
There's no #autumn in #Singapore, so @pepsgoh created one for me by throwing dead leaves at me. 😂 📷: @tangenghui
💄: @yayakuitz #yayakuitzmua 👕: @americaneaglesg, #ICAN, #AEOsg, #AEOStyle
📜: #TheEpiphanyDuplet #LoveAtSecondSight #二见钟情
User Image tiffanyyongwt Posted: Oct 28, 2017 1:25 PM (UTC)

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Sometimes we get sad about things and we don't like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. Or sometimes, we are sad but we really don't know why we are sad, so we say we aren't sad but we really are. - Mark Haddon, The curious incident of the dog in the night time, 2003 📷: @tangenghui
💄: @yayakuitz #yayakuitzmua 👕: @americaneaglesg, #ICAN, #AEOsg, #AEOStyle
📜: #TheEpiphanyDuplet #LoveAtSecondSight #二见钟情
The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. - Henry Ward Beecher 📷: @tangenghui
💄: @yayakuitz #yayakuitzmua 👕: @americaneaglesg, #ICAN, #AEOsg, #AEOStyle 📜: #TheEpiphanyDuplet #LoveAtSecondSight #二见钟情