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After throwin back a piece of boozy, chocolate bourbon pecan pie (chocolate crumble crust), I believe you CAN get drunk off dessert.
Preorder pies @mananaatx tomorrow or buy there next week!
I love Filipino food (mostly for the banana ketchup), and I love when cultures mix. These tots are covered in Texas queso and sweet longganisa. 🥔🥔🥔
Also get the Adobo Chicken and come when you want a casual, counter order style meal. @bemorepacific
The fact that you can order a “side” of a fried chicken biscuit is GOLD. Just add some honey! @countercafeatx
Starting a new thing: Answering restaurant recs through IG so everyone benefits. “Best Gluten Free Spots in Austin” - Start @picnikaustin, basically caters to every allergy. It’s paleo, GF, + offers a Whole 30 menu. -
Order: Wild Fish w parsnip mash 👆🏻, Beef Stew, Thai Green Curry, Loaded Guacamole with GF chips, and the BLONDIE💯
Other GF ideas: @perlassouthcongress @thaifresh @eatflowerchild @casadeluz_atx + any BBQ. Thanks for asking @tracylori!!!
🍤It’s unbelievable what a hand blender and a sharp knife will do for your Sunday dinner 🍤

1. )Cook shrimp in olive oil 2-3 min. 2.)In a dutch oven on high heat, cook 1 chopped onion, 2 garlic cloves, and 1 red bell pepper. 3.) Add 3 tbsp red curry paste, 3/4 can of #coconutmilk, 3 cups of chicken broth. 4.) Boil and then reduce heat for 10 min and mix in hand blender. Add spinach, cilantro, a lime in the end and serve with coconut brown rice.
Can’t stop thinking about pies for Thanksgiving. What place makes the best nationwide for me to try or is it you?!!@tinypies 🍰🍰 Thinking of my next blog post...
10 down and 40 more restaurants to try @texasmonthly BBQ Fest. The best 50 BBQ spots over Texas are all smoking up!
Happy Halloween from yours truly Cookie Monster (and cruella de Vil) 🍪🍪🍪#happyhalloween #cookiemonster
Does a “skinny” piña make you look better after a weekend in Miami? @1hotels 🍹🍹🏝
Fried chicken karaage automatically canceled out by fried brussels sprouts is what I’m going with. Just look at all the greens, mint, basil, cilantro. Exploring the #foodtruck game. 🍗🚚