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Flashback one month: #AndiePants celebrated her 7th birthday at one of our favorite places! { Excited road trip to LA > fireworks > boat rides > afternoon swims > nuggle sessions > all the naps & treats a girl could ask for > sleepy ride back to AL } = one HBD for my best girl!! 🎉🇺🇸🐶💛#pitbullsofinstagram #blackriverlake #patrioticpup
Happy no. 48 to my first teachers, Santa's best helpers, my biggest fans! Thank you for developing in me a love of country, tradition, and family. Love yall to the moon & back!! 😉🌚🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧 #summerof69 #hailstate #merica
Care. Share. Prayer. Perfect words to kickoff a perfect day. || #WLstudents killed it today with their servant hearts & sweaty hugs. I am so proud of how each of them represented themselves, the Church, and Christ today. They did more than bless folks with groceries; they were the hands & feet of Jesus! ❤️ #serveday17 #highlandsstudents #quintongotacape #ofcourseifoundapuppy
There's no one I'd rather fish with, vacation with, swim in the ocean with, run out of gas with, toss frisbee with, eat ice cream with, watch crappy movies with or make faces with. No one else but you, Pops. You are honored & loved always!! Happy Father's Day! #coverallsforever #pleaseletmedrivetheboat #pepawisthebest
As a wise woman told me today, if you have good friends, you really are blessed. And I have friends that are more than good, so I guess I am more than blessed. Truth! // LOVED celebrating my bff and Baby Lawson yesterday. Cannot wait to meet you, little man!! 👶🏻💙😍 #cantwaittomeetlawson #lawsonwademowry #auntieem
Sunday afternoons are a gift from above. And thank you, Jesus, for beautiful friends & beautiful places (& the best dog in the world)! ☀️☀️ #OakMountainStatePark #AndiePants #MowryPartyof3
She's wise beyond her years, crazy thoughtful, & as generous as the day is long. She's also braver than most anyone I know, calls out ignorance, & has dedicated her life to serve others. >> Cheers, pretty lady!! I'm blessed by your friendship and wish you the most amazing birthday from across the pond, those mountains, that river, and those other mountains. No clown shoes allowed! Teeth optional! ✨💗🍍🍻🎀 #408months #ToriThomas2020 #bringonthebeards
I have a dream that week by week they fall more in love with Jesus. And cryptograms! To hear their words change from "Uuugh this is so hard!" to "I figured out a letter!" and "I'm so proud of myself!" makes me all warm inside. Throw in a little New Testament truth & I'm melting. || God can do anything- far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! #WLstudents #HighlandsWL #Ephesians
Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with Him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn't love in order to get something from us but to give everything of Himself to us. Love like that. || #WLstudents @highlandssmallgroups have begun & I am giddy. Here's to a semester of extravagant love!! 💚🎉 #Ephesians #HighlandsWL
Gosh golly, yall. I cannot handle this! ❤️✨ Thank you #westelmbham for letting #AndiePants all up in your bitness. Sorrynotsorry for the glitter! #westelmxaspca #dogsofbham
I'm with fur. #PantsPence 🐶🇺🇸 #pitbullsforpresident || No really. Woke up thankful & proud to be an American. Talked to the creator of the universe, nbd. Worked all day so I can pay (more than) my fair share. Voted for the lesser of the two clown shows. Came home and hugged my girl. Reminded myself that He is in control of it all. #godblessamerica #AndiePants
Run your race, sweet girl. And never stop. God's given you much; don't waste it. More than proud of all you are. Love you more than you know! #tbt #bhsxc #olebrook
Eating local has won big this trip. Strong's, your signature pie and it's vodka sauce is stellar. #strongsbrickovenpizzeria #alwaysaddjalapenos
Thanks for lunch, Willy. Your people are kind and your pork is on point. And that pumpkin cobbler, 😘. #shipmesomesauceplz #KYherewecome
Leave what's heavy behind... || Cannot stop coming back to this, #JustThis if you will. 😉 Give the album a listen, friends! (& then buy it) #birdtalker #shakeyourgraveclothesoff
Hey Buddy, where you going? Slow down! Guys! Guuuuys! Come back! #RioKitty loves #NASCAR. I do not, but I couldn't change the channel.
#AndiePants waiting so patiently. Her day of rest calls for big ole bones, mine calls for #Dak and naps! 🐶🏈😴
Oh happy day, you two! Your personalities, your thoughtfulness, your love for each other could not have been more alive than it was today. When folks are meant to be, you can feel it. And we all felt it. 🍂💛 #inthiswithmcginnis #thisweathertho #AnOcoeeIDo #JandWillGoUpTheHill