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User Image jkotter Posted: Mar 1, 2012 5:00 PM (UTC)

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Second experiment...I'm always interested in everyone's thoughts on what is / isn't appropriate for IG. I know there are many who decry anything that isn't a pure photographical image. I really appreciate those IGers who use their images as opportunities to explore beyond the initial capture...Thoughts?
  • Agree. Artistic ability goes beyond just the initial capture.

  • I'm of the mind that whatever one enjoys doing is appropriate for IG. I've seen quite a few debates about the "spirit" of IG, but I think a lot of them miss the real point as to why we're all here: because it's fun. Whether that means dramatic image manipulation or pure photography is up to the individual and there are certainly enough of us here that it's easy to find people of like mind.

  • awesome pic, love the symmetry

  • Great! Instagram is about posting what your creative side wants to and ta heck with what people think. If they like your feed, they will follow. I appreciate most anything that's not cliche or selfies or manicures 

  • @paul_in_phoenix Yep. It gives you more opportunities to have fun too I think  

  • @cj_ Thanks so much!

  • @mckgold_ru Thanks bro!   

  • @alihawk Yeah, I feel this way too! As long as you're enjoying yourself it's all good!  

  • @cpignatelli Agreed! It is & will stay fun b/c of the community & you're right about being able to find your own niche of like-minded IGers. Appreciate the comment!     

  • jesree 5y ago

    The investigation and questions we ask ourselves about a posting is what make IG so enticing...The photogorapher's/ editor's evaluation of the image is translated as the viewer analyses the end result.  I love the light and lines of this image, reminds me of a kalidescope 

  • It's refreshing and creative 👍

  • @jesree Thanks Jessica! Really appreciate the comment & yes, that is definitely part of the fun of IG   

  • @sippinlattes Thanks so much B!  

  • I lean toward "anything goes." But I think the essence should still be photography. There should be an organic component.

  • @slowjam98 I'm in the same camp that the images should grow from original photographic image(s) - & after that have at it.

  • @jkotter For me, the only rule for IG is to work with the square format and find inspiration from it. From there, the artist can use any means to create a compelling image. Nice image btw. 😊

  • @mikec4718 Thanks for the comment Michael! Yes, that IG square really is the only physical boundary...interesting observation 👍

  • to me, there's just as much "art" in the photograph as there is in the original perception of the event/image/mood and in the manipulation(s) after the shutter moment. no limits for me. I enjoy equally the so-called pure photographers as I do the more experimental works and even just the fun images my friends snap as a way to tell the stories of their lives.

  • @tracyshaun Well said Tracy! I agree theres a lot of art to the edit too - I often feel like the lens really distorts the reality we see with our eyes.

  • @jkotter exactly! the lens and light sensors are already edits in themselves. we see things so much differently than a camera does.

  • This doesn't pretend to be a realistic architectural image. By contrast, I'm not always a fan of otherwise straightforward architectural images that are then turned upside down, etc. Those may be considered more impure than this... Though I have appreciated the unique points of view those manipulations sometimes present...

  • @p_laurence Really appreciate the thoughtful comment Peter. ✨👊✨

  • Interesting; it's a valid question, but in instagram as in life, we can't control what we see (for the most part), we can only control our interpretation and feelings toward it. I try to keep an open mind.

  • @redblueox Agreed Troy! Everyone likes different stuff in IG as in life. It's great that you can find so many interesting explorations & interpretations via IG.

  • I love images like this!

  • @jkotter 

  • @jenae28 Thanks, me too! I try not to go crazy with too many of them, though...I can get lost down the 🐰hole. 😉

  • @davidbnw ✨🙏✨

  • Hi Jeremy! I had a similar discussion on my feed regarding mirroring images. I love symmetry and can achieve it through straight shooting but sometimes I mirror purely to achieve an effect, not to "cheat" symmetry as some people put it. Everyone slaps at least an IG filter on top of a capture, so if achieving a visual effect through an app isn't appropriate, then nothing would be! Keep doing what you do, coz so far I am enjoying what I am viewing 😁

  • Kaleidoscope

  • @vanviski 🌀👀🌀

  • Love it!!

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