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I had the best time creating and preparing these pieces for a special wedding last weekend. Thank you, Hailey, for trusting me with your vision! The colors, the textures...ah! Flowers are officially my favorite medium. @vineyardflowerco
What sinks were made for. Preparing for an upcoming wedding!
And here's another because there's no way I can pick just one ✨Photo by @manzanitaphotography
While we were in Colorado for our fifth anniversary we had the amazing @manzanitaphotography photograph us at our favorite spot in the world.
Took a Vespa to our old neighborhood. I don't think we stopped smiling the entire ride 😊
My first dahlia bulb bloomed! And @skschnautz just happened to make the perfect vase for it.
Also, isn't it neat how just when you think all might be lost (and peony season is over) another season (dahlia season!) begins?

Last weekend was pure sunshine 🏵 Also maybe just once in your life buy an $8 juice and then be okay with never doing that again.
Baker of breads, washer of dishes, stealer of hearts. My forever valentine 💕
When your cleaning is done, your🌲is taken down, and company/pizza are on their way over for your birthday party 👍🏻
This sweet guy and all of the happy birthday songs and messages I received today made this day one of my favorites ever ❤
Destroying the gingerbread house we built together. #nailedit
Our house has been a construction zone since the end of October but the kitchen should be finished in time for Christmas! #naudireno