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  • This is beautiful, I would like to become a professional photographer when I'm done with school so could you give me some tips about my photography?

  • @sowrongits_georgia sure. I think a logical first step would be to take some photos, as right now you have none.

  • I have uploaded some practice shots that I took when I was at Mallorca.

  • @sowrongits_georgia just shoot every single day, in all types of light, weather, occasions. come up with projects and execute them. master several types of cameras. use a darkroom. do all this while majoring in business, accounting and psychology. professional photography is about 3% picture taking and 97% marketing yourself, dealing with all types of personalities, and managing every aspect of your business. good luck!

  • tl_12xu 294w ago

    @sgoralnick you hit a home run (with advice) within the character limit #impressed

  • crswd 294w ago

    can I "like" comments in instagram? :)

  • nerdx 294w ago

    Agreed... Excellent advice. It was directed towards someone else, but I got something out of it, too. Thanks!

  • rumfidus 294w ago

    Why DEAD horses? 😥

  • @rumfidus because its where there used to be a bunch of glue factories.

  • rumfidus 294w ago

    But like the foto 👍❤

  • jaidearom 293w ago

    That's really cool!!! I love it and u have a lot of followers

  • I have one word to describe this word. Amazing

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