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caino_ 5w ago
Thank you everyone who joined the team and competed today and thank you to everyone who has donated money. We have raised a good bit of cash to go to a very worthy cause. The support from everybody means the world to our family.
The first challenge is completed. Now time to plan the next events. Hopefully we can keep the team together and also recruit a few more.
If anyone hasn't but would like to donate, please follow the link below.
#TaggerWhammerSlammers #CRPS #crpsrsdawareness
caino_ 9w ago
Clauds made me a cheesecake. Reeses and Kinder. Amazing 🐷
caino_ 11w ago
Superb weekend at Kendal Calling ❤️. Gutted we had to come home early
caino_ 27w ago
Amazing night at Soulwax and 2ManyDjs
caino_ 28w ago
Thank you @claudialittle for an awesome night away in Manchester, a meal at Tattu and a game of Junkyard golf ❤️
caino_ 36w ago
So proud of @claudialittle starting in Morsons/BAE today. Another new chapter starting. She has came so far since we met and keeps working her arse off. Driving license and new job in the space of 4 weeks. What a great start to the year ❤️
caino_ 46w ago
2 years with @claudialittle . What an incredible year and we have came so far in such a short space of time ❤️ excited for the future 😃
caino_ 50w ago
An English man, a Danish man and a Chinese man walk into a bar ... #copenhagen
caino_ 54w ago
Well needed night away in the Old England and a Wild Boar. Thank you @dianelit thank you to @claudialittle 😘 top bird ❤️