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  • I used to want to go to Barnum & Bailey clown college when I was young. But they closed it before I graduated high school.

  • @mademoisellekel I had no idea there was a clown college.

  • There isn't anymore. Well. Actually you can go thru Cirque Du Soleil now but it's more acrobatic/trick based than actual clown based.

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Went to treasure island to visit Matt Winans tonight. It's a nice view from over here😁
Haven't ridden muni in what feels like forever. Kind of drunk going to see some family in town. And I ate an edible. I like the muni.
Most expensive half gram I've bought from the club. Expectations are high.
Just cruised down Lombard. I've been driven all morning and I'm ready to eat.
My brother and sister took their better halves back to Memphis while my mom, dad and I came to New Orleans. This drunk mess reminds me of the bros outside of Bar-None. I never thought I'd outgrow this kind of party being I grew up always coming down here but Jesus Christ get me the hell out of here. Not a great environment for a sober man with his parents, felt like I needed to protect my mom from the constant stumbling drunk and screaming bros. next stop, home, San Francisco.
Had a wonderful time this past week in the deep south down here in Alabama with my family. 100• temps, other people's loud country music, light beer, barbecuing, there was no stress or fighting for once too. Back to life, back to reality, sucks having to say good bye💔Off to New Orleans!
Big trees! Me at Muir Woods yesterday. The oldest redwood in the park dates back to the year 909. 📷 by @ilikefwords
It's a beautiful day and I just now made it outside. View from Broadway and Lyon no filter.
Nothing's as good as their brown shugga but the substitute will do.
Couple 'merican bros getting ready for that July 4th evening shift.