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Been making a hash of these for ages. Finally worked it out. I hope. Might just be my favourite breakfast treat
Awesome night at @bluemocafe and @beer_rebellion ends with the receipt of one birthday card from @mother_d_andcub and @michaeldowell. Thanks guys. Loved it.
Canoeing on the Cam would've been beautifully relaxing were it not for @terry_hayden
"Come in Red One, this is squadron leader..." Old prototype from a project I loved #tbt
Heart swell reading this. Saturday morning pep talk ❤️ Spark the Fire by Ian Wharton
"... Leonardo da Vinci... focus solely on painting. Forget the science, the inventing, the writing. Just paint. 'Specialise'. Such advice, had he listened, would have robbed us of much of his epic creativity.

I wonder if it would even have left him a very inspired painter."
Prototyping a bucket. Obviously.
She's really, really good isn't she?

Look what @sam_killick83 created for me for Christmas - hand made paper craft, colour changing light box.
Bit special.