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  Posted: Feb 24, 2012 8:37 PM FEED
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On this weekend, the place may be madness, but Axle will always enjoy His morning beach runs & seagull watch
Sippin' my kom-poo-cha w/ my tai coffee... de lish
Just another day as #HammerHauling. 1952 Ford 8N-C farm tractor w/ brush hog from Hampden, MA -> LaGrangeville, NY. #juletspeedandmarinetransport #JSMT #ford #8n #tractor #farmlife🚜
Little more action on this thing today before going back to the regular scheduled programming of Axle and automotive
With all the big-box stores already advertising for thanksgiving, we wanted to nab ourself a twerk key 🦃💨🐶💨
When you've worked really hard to help @scotttforsythe keep his car safe, (busting your hump to install struts, mounts, bearings, tie rods, ball joints) you align it with the local tire shop, & the customer service is in their name, but emailed to you... 😈
Posted: Sep 2, 2017 10:21 AM
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Thoughts as I drive home from working overnight, stuff the truck & go? If you had the opportunity to save a life why would you not. #evenwhenyoureemptyyougive #servantinheavenkinginhell
It's pretty safe to say that #craigslistis the devil, but w/ a ton of help from my good friend @yarrowthorne I've got myself a sweet #MakoMarine 22 to enjoy! #juletspeedandmarinetransport
My cousin wanted me to feel bad for him that he worked 30 hours in three days this week, felt like saying "haha, that's cute". 88 hours this week, yes 88, but my record is 112
Well they're back on.
Lessons I learn the hard way... when you try to help everyone else and can't get help yourself, you often get hurt
So what, yeah I polish my air con piping before installation in #ProjectMayhem & upgrade my Instagram while having my fingers sewn back on, but who cares, LOL
Looks like #axlethedestroyer means business for this years #dockdogs competition at the county fair huh @riverguy73 ? #englishspringerspaniel #pheasantfetcher
It's a pretty nice spot to sit here with my ☕️ and read my 📖
Posted: Jul 14, 2017 12:44 AM
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Here's the freshly out of powdercoat and roughly assembled (less AN separator clamps) oil cooler assembly for #ProjectMayhem . All in the details I suppose
Thanks to my buddy @gtiproject I was able to see & say buh bye to the Q7 as she was loaded up. If you know me, you know my pride in VAG cars, but I'm sincerely happy to get rid of the CONSTANT emissions system problems I had! #EndOfAnEra #NoMoreBallerStatus #BeaterCarsForMeForAWhile
Last night my nephew Crosby had some lessons from professor uncle hammer on sparkler & firework safety & operation (note 👓because you have to protect your balls, eye balls that is)
Another detail of #ProjectMayhem that has taken far too long, tried my patience, was pushed until perfect, & will totally go unnoticed. All this but I'm only satisfying myself! Big thanks to @dbgraphics for allowing me to use his pedal sheer & @mattyfnward for his patience w/ my many attempts at this & use of the hydraulic press brake at his place of employment. #DoneAndDone #OnToMoreProgress
Posted: Jun 26, 2017 1:37 AM
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Someone was busy overnight 🕷🕸. Had to snap a 📷 before #axlethedestroyer ran through it at 100mph