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113 #HBCU2012 students from Wilberforce University made a commitment to have @BarackObama's back on November 6th. #PledgeToReg

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Saw this on a wall in #TelAviv today. Very fitting for International Day of the Girl. 👱🏾‍♀️👧🏻👩🏽👩🏼‍⚕️💃🏾
Sending you a message from Israel, with love ❤️ ‏שלום
Our goal as humans is to better the earth and take care of her, not dominate and manipulate her. It was refreshing to spend my first day as a 25-year-old helping to protect the planet and keeping our environment tidy.
I challenge everyone to spend an hour cleaning up your community. Sure, it's very small — but it's a start. And the price to nature of not doing it is all too clear. #TikkunOlam #RepairTheWorld #ThrowAwayYourDamnTrash
Yesterday we surprised my dad with a trip to Israel next month. I’m excited to be joining him on such a spiritual journey! 🇮🇱 #BowersInIsrael
I’m so excited that two people I love dearly officially joined forces this weekend. Cheers to one of the most beautiful unions the world has seen: @boochinitup 💍 @kevliu. (ps, there are moments in life when you just don’t care if your head is cut off in a photo bc you’re having too much fun)
Always disgusted and offended by you. I literally cannot believe you are the president. You are incredibly repugnant, a racist, and unequivocally not the definition of a leader. @realdonaldtrump
The terrorism in #Charlottesville is a reminder of how important it is to accelerate values rooted in acceptance, inclusion & compassion, now more than ever. The challenges of the moment are not left or right issues, but human issues first and foremost.
If you are looking for a space to help spread openness over fear and inclusion over division, check out @45thandlove: the first campaign of a global human compassion project advocating for acceptance and inclusion of everyone.
We are still in the very early stages, but so far over 75 high-level individuals have come together to serve in an advisory capacity for the project, and we had our first successful event in Palm Springs in April.
Please stay hopeful out there and continue making choices built from love of other human beings, not fear.
Over a decade ago, my dad wrote and recorded a song entitled ‘Proud to be American.’ Today is a fitting day to share this song with all of you (link in bio). I look at it as a reminder of what unites us beyond the divisions of the moment.

It’s time to Make America One Again.
Weekend views. Blessed to be able to call this place home for over 3 years now.
I had the honor of joining Larkin Street Youth Services for their annual gala last weekend. They are an incredible non-profit committed to ending youth homelessness in San Francisco. >$1million dollars was raised in one night!
I had the honor of being a guest lecturer at San Francisco State University this afternoon. Subject? Politics and community organizing in the age of President Trump. #Resist