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Drop by Dark Room Army tonight for SBTG Mark Ong's installation exhibit.

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💔 but this does not define me.
#kiakaha to everyone, not just women and girls but also the men and boys. 🙏
So my bomb af lunch today has its roots in a 2005 conversation in my ghetto apartment with @lupefiasco. I could not for the life of me understand why anyone would like fried chicken with waffles and maple syrup. Fast forward to LA in 2015 and he insisted I eat at roscoes.. and I ate humble pie. #chickenandwaffles in Singapore.. so bomb I had to shout out the original convo 😜
Thanks Lu 😇 hahaha
T-minus 1 week to my cousin's wedding!!! Can't wait to see my family 💜💜💜 and to celebrate love love love 🤵👰🏡🧀🥂☀️❤️@lauradoonann @mrchristiankeyes
I flew my unicorn on Sunday and had an orgasm with the sky 😇🦄🌅
So this is a massive #tbt to 2006. From 2002-2015 I built & ran #falsebrand amongst a number of other independent brands with my old partner in crime & long time collaborator in all facets of life. In 2006 we collaborated with #blacksmithnyc (@talibkweli @cblacksmith) & this is it. Hand-screened tees, limited to 100pcs, & never released again. We were always controversial with everything we did, FALSE was defiantly anarchistic & always stood against sweatshops, always for the love of craft. Tonight Talib is here courtesy of @collectivemindsasia & @kilolounge and it brings back a flood of memories to starting a brand out of this little red dot. 🖤🙏🇸🇬
Nothing sucks more than when my #mrnyne is sick and we have to spend ages at the vet running tests. This guy has been through everything with me, 14 years, he's seen it all and we will continue to see each other through more. Please send love and healing vibes to my little guy 🙏❤️☮️
Fancy seeing you here 😂😂😂 cannot get over our ridiculous little happy jumping dance. Now thinking about Tokyo and the killer night we had with @victoria_herrera & @ots_mark - 2 years ago already 😳
🙏🖤😭 lol geddit. I'm so punny 😂 #thisiswhyimsingle 💁
Look at these cool cats 🖤😸😸🖤. Touchdown Singapore after 3 weeks through England, Portugal & Spain, & now off to The Tanglin Club for the 150th anniversary. They got more swag than me 🙌 #thegreatgatsby #mamabear #relationshipgoals #fancyshmancy #dapper
Early to bed last night and 3 hours in nature early this morning was exactly what I needed 🌿💚🌥
When the body, mind and soul are not aligned, time in nature in quiet meditation is the path to recalibration. So grateful for the lush jungles of Singapore and all the beauty of this land 🌱