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ricmac 4d ago
The cats invaded my office yesterday. It only took them 34 months. #Occupy #CatLivesMatter
ricmac 24w ago
"Who me? Playing with this toy? Ha ha, no I'm too mature for that."
ricmac 34w ago
Backyard grapes. Possible MacDadd Winery in future? Only if the birds stay off the vines.
ricmac 37w ago
Side benefit of summer cleaning: found a brand new coffee grinder hidden away at the back of a cupboard. Made first use of it today, thanks to great website service from Supreme Coffee in NZ.
ricmac 38w ago
PJ Harvey and band in fine form tonight. Would've loved to hear a few more songs from the back catalogue, but the recent two albums were stylishly played with plenty of Polly passion. Love how she changes it up each album. We were discussing in the car: where are the similar arty-rock musicians of this era? The PJ Harvey or Nick Cave of this generation?
ricmac 39w ago
Pohutukawa tree carpet.
ricmac 43w ago
Mulled wine and hot chocolate outside Tate Modern last night. #winterxmas
ricmac 51w ago
"Your avatar must replicate your physical self." #Presence #bookstagram #sciencefiction #Doppel
This selfie was taken at an art exhibit in NYC in 2014.
ricmac 52w ago
Sensorama, an early 1957 version of #virtualreality. My version of VR is set nearly one hundred years later, in 2051. It's a bit more evolved :) #invirt #bookstagram #Presence
ricmac 52w ago
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson was an inspiration for me when writing my own scifi novel about VR: Presence. Published in 1992, it also inspired many VR developers over the years. The photo above is part of the first edition book cover for Snow Crash.
If you're a fan of Snow Crash, you may also enjoy my new #sciencefiction novel, PRESENCE. It's about the future of #virtualreality too. If you buy my book, see if you can spot the sly mentions of Snow Crash :) #bookstagram #Presence #RichardMacManus #invirt
ricmac 52w ago
My favorite VR photo of the year :) #invirt

Check out my new #sciencefiction novel, PRESENCE. It's about the future of #virtualreality.

#bookstagram #Presence #RichardMacManus
ricmac 53w ago
invirt = to be in virtual reality (think of "invirt" as the future equivalent of "online"). From my scifi novel, PRESENCE:

#invirt #bookstagram #Presence #RichardMacManus

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