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Proud of everything @bigt1905 has accomplished in his 8yrs of playing Rocky Hill Little League where learned everything from learning the game to becoming a leader on his teams as he got older. Looking forward to watching you on the big field starting this Fall. Thank you everyone who took some of the game photos and videos as I was generally busy coaching.
Can't believe this "Little" Girl, our #1 Niece is 21 today!!! The original was taken when she was 4yrs old dance recital. We are happy you found your passion in life and enjoy learning more about yourself from it. #drinksareonher #yesIamFeelingOld
Meanwhile FLOTUS and First Daughter are having no luck getting help from His Eminence
Here is my 2017 @rhllct Marlins... Looking forward to go to battle with this Motley Crew as we start our journey with the first game against the Pirates at 12:30 after the Opening Day Ceremony. Pirates don't Fish...
Can't believe this kid is 12yrs old!!! Happy Birthday @bigt1905 Keep doing what you do and good things will come your way!
Time lapse video of the final moments of tonight's sunset
@nbcconnecticut #blizzard I left the yard stick out there at 9am this morning and took pics at 9am - 10am - 11am - noon and 4pm as it was ending... about 16" is the final number