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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 11:50 PM
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All the items from my line @thessalonikecollection's 2017 Collection are now on sale at the link in my bio in case you want to get any loved ones some early gifts 😊.
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 10:37 PM
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I may look like I'm at my desk but my mind is here :).
@keiko_conservation @thessalonikecollection.
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 8:41 PM
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fellow dorka @janannvan! I've missed you everyday since you've moved away but especially today 😭😭😭! @tanmansell11 @mango_the_bullypit where we at with those one way plane tickets back here guys 😬?
I hope you are having an amazing day!!!!
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 6:49 AM
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Three years ago today I woke up paralyzed from the neck down and in the beginning stages of respiratory failure for absolutely no good reason. I didn't fall or get into an accident. I was simply out getting ice cream with my mom while visiting her and my arm started to ache and feel heavy.
Four days on a breathing tube, hours of MRI's, and a few painful days later I was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder that had attacked my spinal cord and life kind of started over from there. There's been days of pain, exhaustion, worry, frustration, and stressful medical costs. Some days I feel okay, others I have trouble doing everyday things. At the beginning it would have been so easy to sink away from the world and feel bad for myself, but what would that achieve? We can't control things that happen in our lives, but we can control our perspectives on them. And in the big picture I am ABSURDLY fortunate for so many reasons.
After being diagnosed I learned that the majority of people with transverse myelitis don't walk again and about a third can't live independently. My biggest concern was that I might never free dive again, but I began to breathe on my own again, sit up, use my hands, and kick my legs. I got out of the ICU. I pushed myself harder than I ever have and after a few setbacks started to relearn how to walk. Eventually I was able to do things like brush my teeth and shower on my own again. I went from a walker to a harness to my noodley legs. Finally I got to leave the hospital, move back in with my incredible, selfless mom, and continue physical therapy.
Above all, I've been fortunate enough to have people who didn't give up on me, who inspired me, who supported me, who quite literally got me back on my own two feet again and back to the water. I may not be able to jump or run on land yet but underwater I can fly. It's given me back my life. And I'll spend the rest of my life doing whatever I can to give back to the sea.
P.S. I am forever grateful to everyone that has supported me through @keiko_conservation and @thessalonikecollection these 3 years. You've shown me it is possible to make a difference from anywhere in the world, even home.
With the shark meat trade growing around the world it's important to remember that even if you exclude the animal rights and enviornmental concerns from this issue, shark meat is still really dangerous to consume!
The meat has been found containing urea, lead, methylmercury, PCBs, DDTs, arsenic, microplastic, and more in alarmingly high levels! What's worse is it's being lableled in very misleading ways so a lot of people don't even know they're eating shark! #FriendsDontLetFriendsEatShark! Spread the word!
PHOTO BY @chiaraphoto from @mermaidsforchange of @seajewl and I on @oneoceandiving! #keikoconservation #oneoceandiving #mermaidsforchange.
-Don't eat shark, which sometimes is labeled as things like #Flake #Cazon #Surimi #Huss #Moki #Dogfish #RockSalmon #Paletita #PanDeCazon #Bolillo.
-Sign the @nakaweproject petition (link in their bio) demanding the proper labeling of shark meat in places like #Walmart (@walmart), #MegaSuper (@megasupermercados), #NationsFreshFoods (@nationsfreshfoodsmississauga), #HarrisTeeter (harristeeter), #Publix (@publix), #Mercadona (@MERCADONA), #Consum (@supermercadosconsum), #HEB (@HEB), #LaComer.
-If you eat fish know where it came from! Sharks make up a HUGE amount of commercial fishery bycatch (animals that are caught unintentionally while going after a different kind) and since most of the time sharks need to be continously moving to breathe they end up dying before even being brought up on deck. We launched a little viral awareness campaign called #WhatsYourBycatch if you want to click it and read up some more as it continues :).
Posted: Sep 30, 2017 10:06 PM
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If you need me I'll be here.
Photo by the juan and only @juansharks.
This is my friend @mermaid_kayleigh with a tiger shark named Roxy. To all the non-shark-lovers (future shark lovers) out there I know Roxy might look kind of scary. Her eyes look white because she protecting them with her nicitaning membrane (special eyelid), her jaw has been broken by fishermen and hangs agape on one side, and she has Frankenstein-like bolts in her dorsal fin from someone's satellite tag. My friends at @oneoceanresearch have seen her many times over the years as she cruises through some of the sites they collect daily data from. They've cut fishing nets and line off her and somehow, despite all the human impacts, she's continued on. But yesterday she was seen with this big rope hanging out of her mouth, attached to a large hook inside of her. Right now its on the inside of her mouth around her gills, but if she swallows it it could be potentionally very dangerous.
Sharks have survived five mass extinctions. They've been here before trees. It's THEIR home. It's THEIR ocean. They've kept it healthy for 450 million years. Their absence can negatively affect the entire food chain below them, even down to the phytoplankton that provide half the oyxgen WE ALL breathe. Their presence creates larger fish populations and diveristy, supplying a meal for the 1 billion people who rely on seafood for their primary source of protein. Yet we kill about 100 million of them every year and they might not survive us.
So behold the apex predator. The so called second most dangerous shark in the world. The "vicious man eater". The "monster". The "demonfish". And possibly the only hope for millions of species that call the ocean home.
We've put her through hell over and over and over again and pushed her kind closer and closer to extinction because of fear and greed.
So who is the real monster here?
If you want to learn more about how to help save sharks go to @oneoceandiving @keiko_conservation @nakaweproject and watch @racingextinction.
NO to #sharkfinsoup #sharkcull #sharkfishing #marktheshark #landbasedsharkfishing #sharkhunting #ocsharkhunter #sharksonsand #catchandrelease the post release mortality rate is too high!
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 2:53 AM
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When it's been a really long week and then you realize it's only Wednesday 😐, just disappear into your daydreams 🐢❤️🌊.
#cressi #keikoconservation #knektusa #thessalonike #acacia.