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You've got to push the air to make a sound
Holy Ghost beneath my bones.
Hold my own, help me hold my own.
Got to see one of my nephews race this past weekend and it was a blast! Here's one of his holeshots. #springcreekmx #motox #holeshot #49 #millville
I used to feel so devastated//
At times, I thought we'd never make it//
But now we on our way to greatness//
And all that ever took was patience//
#saintanthonyparkway #northeastmpls
These words, these words mean nothing to my soul

These words, these words save only to fill up a hole
We can't hide the truth we can only obscure it

#moon #space #lookup
Woke up one morning started talking to pops
He said There's lots that you've learned but a lot you forgot

More often than not you don't got to be taught

Just remember to remember how you got to the spot

Deep inside we decide if we free men

#revengeofthefifth #lakecalhoun #attackoftheclones
Been a killer series of sunsets lately. This one shared with good conversation. May the forth be with you.

#maythefourthbewithyou #mpls #mplspeople #lakecalhoun
You can check out a print from this plate at honey mpls tomorrow night! It's an earth day party so you know, car pool and bring a buddy! Celebration runs from 6-9:30 #earthday #minneapolisart #beautyinthebaseline
Legends, they never die
So put your fire up in the sky
'Cause they won't ever kill the light
Some say learn from your mistakes, but it takes no genius to see jumping off the deep leads to bone breaks
Take a break to pump yours
That's fly
Oh in the morning
I stumble my way towards the mirror
And my makeup, its light out, and I now
Face just what I'm made of

There's so much more left to do
Well I'm not young, but I'm not through
while, in my little world
In my sad, little world
I patched a plaster wall in my little world
And in my little world, I was waiting (just dying!)
To take offence at something in my little world
In my little world
In my sad, little world
This is all there is in my little world.

But sister in our darkness a light shines
In darkness a light shines on me
In darkness a light shines on you

#beautyinthebaseline #attackoftheclones
Everyday when I speak to the moon
Pale as a ghost in the afternoon
Tragedy has a hold of my mind
But I can see the lie between the lines
And I say, you've got to listen
I'm a songbird with a brand new track
You underestimate
I'll give you something to believe in
Burn up a basement full of demons
Realize you're a slave to your mind, break free
Now give me something to believe in
Why pluck one string... what good is just one note?
Oh, one string sounds fine, I guess... but we were once 'one notes'
Why pluck one string when you can strum the guitar?
Strum the guitar! #beautyinthebaseline
But this ain't a race to win, it's a run to finish
And as long as I got breath in my lungs to finish it
The enemy isn't the flesh and blood thugs and cynics
We're fighting fear and pride for the love that's within us #beautyinthebaseline
Just in case need an emergency date this place is loaded with mannequins