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I am honored to officially be endorsed with @sledgepad_innovations kick drum dampeners! No more pillows sliding around after every transport. As if my @ddrumusa kick couldn’t sound any more beastly, it does!
Huge thanks to @rebekkahraven for this excellent shot from @sowhatmusicfest in Dallas back in March! @rookieoftheyearofficial will be back in Dallas at @curtainclubdallas on 10/19! TIX:
Loving the bejeezus out of this 19” @sabiancymbals_official AAX X-Plosion Crash. Massively warm and dark, gorgeous shimmer and the perfect amount of decay.
☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻What are you doing Oct. 19?????
Any night on stage with my @templeboards Trio 43 is a good night! So honored to be on their roster!
The last 2 pieces of the kit arrived this morning: 6.5x14” M.A.X. snare and purple/white Mercury Fat Throne. Couldn’t be more proud to be part of the @ddrumusa family! Can’t wait to get these on the road with @rookieoftheyearofficial in 1.5 weeks!
CHARLOTTE, NC, @rookieoftheyearofficial is coming back to you Oct. 16 w/ @carolinawray! Tix on sale now!
I remember first learning about @tompettyofficial after hearing “I Won’t Back Down” on the radio when I was about 7 or 8 years old (which would’ve been somewhere around 1990-91). I loved the song and I remember my parents telling me we had that CD. I found Full Moon Fever in their collection and I remember my dad kind of explaining who Tom Petty was and I remember the photo below from the liner notes really sticking in my mind because he was such an interesting looking guy, not to mention the double-neck Rickenbacker (which I had never seen) and the funny-to-an-8-year-old hat he has on. I wore that album out after I found out we had it and still to this day, every time I hear “A Face In The Crowd” I can remember being in 2nd grade, laying on my stomach in front of our stereo in the living room and listening to that album ad nauseam and just being entranced by it. I never got to see him live, though. RIP Tom. Thanks for getting me hooked. 😪
Jamming a little @incubusofficial at last night’s Proud Larry rehearsal (pardon the shakey vocals, I’ve been fighting some weird sinus thing all week). Come see us this Thursday at @kirkwoodstationbrew for @arthritisfoundation’s Young Adults’ Bone Bash benefit, 6-9pm!
A brand new (to me) 16” @sabiancymbals_official Aero Crash will brighten up any Saturday!
This date in 2006, I got to open for The Apex Theory with my then-band Essence Of Logic at The Gargoyle at Wash U in STL. Apex Theory is still one of my favorite bands and one of, if not THE, most underrated band of the last 20 years and their drummer @sammy_j_watson is still one of my biggest influences. Check out their album Topsy-Turvy.
If you don’t fancily shoot the aus jus from @lionschoice after your meal, you can go straight to hell.
Finally decided to go with the low-to-high rack tom setup with my ride and china mounted higher on my right. Loving how it feels and looks!
My nieces got to bang on my @ddrumusa kits this weekend. Needless to say, they loved them, too!
Sorry to tell my STL friends that @rookieoftheyearofficial, @sherwood and @motherfolkmusic will no longer be playing @firebirdstl on 10/19 😩. Instead, we’ll be at @curtainclubdallas in Dallas. Tix are on sale now!