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My ring has been found!! #yayy But how did it get there?

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Purple is my favorite color; therefore, purple is now y'all's favorite color. Welcome to the best PREP fam!
Keep swiping to find out how weirdly perfect @kstarkkkkk and I are together
*everyone freaking out around you*
Have no fear @preillyowens will take care of everything cause he's on D-Staff!!! Big congratulations to this bearded dude for going back to Lakeview for a 6th time!
Look at some of my best friends. Yeah they got me through these 90 hours. They deserve this ring more than me... but I'll hold on to it for safe keepings
My mom always told me my dad would be proud of me for choosing Texas A&M, and as today marks a huge milestone for an Aggie, it also marks my dad's birthday. I know he's been with me every day, but I could really feel him with us today! •
Thank you for always supporting me, loving me, laughing at me, and showing me how to be the best me, Mom! We #BTHO90hours together!
For once in my 3 years at Fish Camp I finally saw the view of Lakeview and I saw it with the best group. Welcome to Texas A&M!!! ps sorry for hitting y'all with the beach ball
DG Kyle vs Kramer coming at you live from the Rec
Geez partner, get on my hype level!! Jk I love you to death and will never reach you're legitness
PS shoutout to these other studs for keeping me sane and working like rockstars all the time with me
4 AM hits and I'm wondering why I'm making these screwed up bleached overalls... it is FTKs .
While making these Redass overalls I'm reminded of my experience in each of my Fish Camps I've been a part of.
So many incredible people I've grown from and gotten close to throughout college because of this unique organization. The amazing Namesakes, Directors, Cochairs, Counselors, and freshmen have all helped form my college experience, and I wouldn't want to change any of the memories made with them. Fish Camp is a family and given me the opportunity to be as passionate as I want to be and always support/love me.
Thanks for the amazing ride so far from some of the best camps
"That's right we're not from Texas
But Texas wants us anyway" -Lyle Lovett

Thanks for crossing the border for a fun weekend visit💕
No peanuts or Cracker Jacks🥜 Looks like we'll have to come back⚾️
Work Weekend 1: Done
Banners: ... check back during Work Week 2😁
I'd like to thank not only my mom but also my 1-hour skiing class for getting me to these 90 hours!! #WHOOP 👍🏻