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  Posted: Feb 12, 2012 8:52 PM
105 X-Pro II
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An enchanting wedding for my cousin with my super hot date @barkleybritt 😘
Grace and Grayson you are a beautiful couple and the Lord is writing such a special story for you two.. #mcfallin4you
I've teamed up with @FatherlyHQ & @GMC to talk Fatherhood, Fitness, & Football! Check out link in bio 🔥 #LikeAPro #GMCSierra #Denali #DadLikeAPro #Ad
Solid start to preseason! Gotta keep building from here #brickbybrick #49ers #49erfaithful
📷 @rolando21897
Pretty sure this was the first #hellokitty hat I've ever signed haha... Thanks to all the @49ers fans who came out today at Levi Stadium, what a crowd!!
#brickbybrick #49erfaithful #49erscamp #49ers #nfl #football
Man, @qalo is one of the coolest brands out there, look at this swag bag they sent out for camp! I love their commitment to quality products and loyal customers, the best! #qalo #qaloring #weready #qualityathleticsloveoutdoors
Last day of off-season training in the books! Big thanks to @jtwright82 and @proactivesp for getting me right!! Camp is right around the corner and I couldn't feel more prepared. Now it's time for some football!! #49ersfaithful
My Jackson turns 1!! Man, being a father is one of my greatest privileges, love this boy so much!