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  Posted: Mar 15, 2016 10:53 PM
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Recently noticed that so many got tired of winter already, awaiting spring and summer to explode with new ideas and greatest adventures so far. Some big plans everyone have? Good! Looks like winter is giving up. Whatever this year brings I believe it's gonna be something awesome for everyone. Take some time in the woods, it always brings a balance back.
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People often ask me: aren’t you cold? No, I never feel cold. Feeling cold often seems to be just a state of mind. I’m simply lucky, my blood is warm and that puts me in position where I can share my warm clothes with others, hoping for a certain gain I secretly wish for in return: seeing them happy and comfortable. It’s also the smartest way to get someone outdoors and show them how incredibly easy is to enjoy it for real. You don’t need to walk 30 miles a day with a heavy pack and tons of food or stay outside alone for a year. It’s not for everyone. But once you tried it, a harmony will take over and fill your mind and heart with greatest feelings known for us humans, until it becomes an addiction. It always starts the same - with one step outside the door but it’s the first morning and a sunrise after a night spent in a comfy sleeping bag will start that fire in you, turning into hungry desire for more. 📷 @versatilith
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Do you know the feeling of giving or sharing? You ever wondered how powerful message you keep in your heart if you carry it limitlessly throughout your entire life? And you won’t expect anything in return. Crazy, isn’t it?
When you give, you care.
You won’t fall asleep first seeing your beloved one suffering from angst, insomnia or sleep paralysis but you’ll keep eyes awake, because you care and how you care about others is how the world will carry you on to the final scene of the movie when you look back on everything you’ve done and give that smile with words of satisfaction on your lips: “my life was beautiful and I had beautiful people in my life. I was beautiful”. Surrounding yourself only with people who care about you will give you strength that can’t be found anywhere else. It will certainly leave you with fewer ‘friends’ and little contacts on facebook or none, if speaking about myself, but trust me - they are the only ones you need in your life. They will stand by you even if understanding your motivation will be way too hard for them. It’s how you distinguish selfishness from love.

Recently I was in Oslo and today I’m proud to announce I became ambassador for Amundsen Sports, the brand I teamed up with before my great adventure.
But let me keep this for later, it deserves another, special update this month.
Soon I’m disappearing into a new challenge. It won’t be another huge adventure but for many pretty extreme. Until then I just spend my time with beloved ones, my friends and family. Imagine I haven’t seen my lovely sister for 2,5 years.. Apart from that I focus on writing, emailing, finding new solutions and those don’t always come when you really need them. You’ve got to dig for it or, if lucky enough, keep your eyes wide open in searching what you’re looking for to get you going. I learned one thing in this life: if there is no way, make a way. You just create it, pave it so you can walk it. This is how you go your own path, not somebody else’s road. I believe it’s what we all want, right? 📷 @versatilith
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Thirteen months ago I was passing through here on my way northwards, to the edge of continental Europe, Kinnarodden.
A kilometer no. 1000. Now I live here.
I remember vitamin deficiency and hunger for fruits. Crying for juicy mangoes, berries and rotting smelly pears seized by wasps. A week later I entered forests of Nord Trondelag, where blueberries grow unnaturally huge. My clothes were smeared with purple stains as I was wallowing to devour everything at hand with my backpack on.
Looking out the window when flying above Norway few days back. I wished I could stop the plane for a moment to recall these lakes and peaks and I was mesmerized how great this space is. What would it be like to get lost down there. Then it came to me like a flash of insight - “damn, I walked it all...” #lost #sidetrackedmag #sylan #trondelag #amundsensports #crispisince1975 #crispinorge #briksdalgtx #bridgedalenorge #realturmat #norge #BBCTravel #adventurer 📷 @sawynek
My solitude was my castle. I am not free. In my mind I wasn’t free. I’m still there, happened to be in a false reality, desperately searching for stretches of space to catch a single breathe, fighting for clean air, living within my own struggles and desires washed in vanishing illusion of beauty, carven inside mind of a man left alone back then. But I’m here, longing for harmony, yearning for silence. I adapt. I need to. Flashbacks were my only parachute before I hit the concrete world hoping for a soft and woundless landing.

They asked me what was it like to reach the end, what I was feeling back then.
Nothing. Emptiness and nothingness. Maybe anger. Maybe pain.
I didn’t feel anything when I made it to the end of my journey. Nothing but desire to leave that noisy place, smash down buildings, freeze the traffic and silence every person around.
I was careless and imprudent. Didn’t get to me that I was finished and reality wasn’t the same. No glory, no fulfillment.
Wondering “what happened, why am not on the go” feeling guilty while still listening to the same track, “The Day You Were Born” by Parlor Mob. Again and again. I embraced the pain and I clearly remember that moment when I set my mind for “pain is an illusion, keep going”. In february I broke a thumb without even knowing it, recently I found out.
My journey transmuted into a sick game but there could only be one winner to take the prize.
I am ready to tell the story. Until then let my eyes narrate the truth.

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User Image versatilith Posted: Sep 24, 2017 7:28 PM (UTC)
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On my way back to you All
with some updates.
I know, it’s been awhile.

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User Image versatilith Posted: Aug 29, 2017 7:56 AM (UTC)
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From wilderness to the city. I'm coming out. My journey is ending here, today, in just few hours. At around 4-5pm I should be arriving at the harbour in Helsinki. My first wish this morning? "I want to do it again". Have even more memories and stories, struggle new, stronger, wiser, experience life again. I have certain plans. I do. But I left my heart somewhere on the way, in pieces. One piece in Børgefjell, half of it in Finnmark and other people's hearts. 5000 kilometres left behind. Powered by mind on body. What a journey people, what a journey.. #imcominghome #fromthesky
User Image versatilith Posted: Aug 17, 2017 7:37 PM (UTC)
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User Image versatilith Posted: Aug 17, 2017 7:25 PM (UTC)
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I asked myself today "where are my limits" and I couldn't answer it. No mental boundaries of what's logic, real, possible. When I look at this picture and the previous one I wonder what next one would be like. Rotting corpse? Just laughing, I'm really fine. I am. It was taken after I found out my dinner will be cold when I arrive. Too bad. But cold dinner is better than no dinner as it happened twice. And it's also way better than damn food poisoning few days ago. Some crappy burger. Energy = 41%. I thought I'll just keep on walking slowly but didn't feel like walking so I was running. Still had to remember to stop before throwing up, it's not good to run then, you might get dirty. At the end of day my body was in incredible pain and shivering wouldn't stop. I slept 14 hours. That one I won't forget. I'm done with antibiotics, didn't help, infection remained almost the same, that spot on lower leg feels now like there is a steel shield placed under my skin. For two days my new source of energy was anger. Guaranteed lifelong cushioning in Hoka running shoes is just bullshit. 300km run and 30% drop. Felt like running almost barefoot. Not speaking of pleasure, it was just pain. Salomon rain jacket let every precipitation get me wet and cold almost immediately. Impregnated or not, doesn't matter. Tried. These two useless items 330€. So why bother? Every other toe carries bloody blisters, I removed two of them yesterday, too much pain. My shitphone plus died for good, just like that, had to buy new phone. What a combo. Yesterday I turned my way to the hospital, by force, struggling to get back on track. After over 400km run my knee didn't make it. Not that one, the other one. And so on. Still moving on with my eyes shining bright and ironic grin around my head. Who wants a postcard from Helsinki?
#run #run #run #tilyoudie
Can't remember rain pouring down like yesterday. To stay warm I run. Salomon rain jacket wouldn't breathe as I wished so I let go of it and kept running with basic layer. My body's screaming: "please stop this" but I can't. My twisted mind ignored everything, IT band syndrome, skin infection caused by an open wound on a middle toe, I'm running on antibiotics, they're making me so damn weak. If I stop I won't be able to run again. Painkillers don't work, neither do Codeine pills. I feel like I'm losing my knee. And I didn't remember it went through surgery over decade ago. The inflammation on the lower leg doesn't vanish. What pain that is.. I carry no tent, no food, no extra clothing. Few energy bars and one last @realturmat in case of emergency.
To have a breakfast I run. Same with dinner or late night meal. I stay hydrated. When it rains in the night I crawl to hide under spruce where's always dry and wrap my body in emergency blanket.
Please note: quality emergency blanket (NRC) keeps it's properties for maximum 5-7 days of constant use mainly as a mat/mattress.
14 marathons to the end. 📸Anu Honkonen
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User Image versatilith Posted: Aug 7, 2017 4:06 PM (UTC)
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User Image versatilith Posted: Aug 3, 2017 9:34 PM (UTC)
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Fuck everyone who crushed my expedition. I'm not done.
22 marathons to the end.
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User Image versatilith Posted: Jul 20, 2017 2:38 PM (UTC)
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There are moments in time to be seen by your eyes only. Painted with light. Somewhere out there.
Find it.
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User Image versatilith Posted: Jul 14, 2017 9:22 PM (UTC)
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With that wind you've got to think twice when picking campfire spot. Small stones weren't enough. To get away from that haunted island I needed double energy to get going. Head to @realturmat page to see more in a few days.

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User Image versatilith Posted: Jul 13, 2017 3:28 PM (UTC)
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This is Lapland
It wasn't easy to take a steady shot when sitting in a shaky fleet. That evening about two weeks ago was so unusual. When arriving to civilization you always meet people who live there. It's up to you if you're a tourist or a traveler. Because tourists observe and keep the distance, stay away, don't talk. It's so lame. Though traveler if asked his damn favorite question: do you like sauna?? without hesitation would yell: hell yeah I love sauna!! It's how it always starts. And when you go with the flow, you end up chopping pike with an axe or a chainsaw for dinner, drinking Karhu, talking awesome stories and hearing stories of people who invited you to enjoy the evening, then you perhaps you all might want to jump into cars totally naked and sweaty after sauna and drive to have a bath in the river, hurt your feet on a rocky shore, get back to sauna, cook your hands in a boiling water, get to river again and perhaps take a picture of the most incredible sunset I remember. Four rings around the sun at the end. I've never seen anything like that before. Was I filming? What question is that!? 😂
Guys, thanks for great memories!

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User Image versatilith Posted: Jul 13, 2017 11:56 AM (UTC)
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User Image versatilith Posted: Jul 11, 2017 10:39 AM (UTC)
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Do we still remember how powerful is to catch the moment? To stop and enjoy. We hear it so often but do we really hear it? To celebrate the fact we are all alive? For me that day was 80% of my adventure. I didn't break my skull taking few rapids some weeks back, didn't fall off a cliff at the very edge. Not sure if I can still squeeze in more memories of places I have seen, vanishing emotions, feelings, people, all those ups and downs like the pretty few I was recently facing. There's always light on the other side and more to live for. Let's find it. I'm hungry. For more
This is to you all and your endless support 🥂 🍾
Forgive me smelly boots on the table 😆

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