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  Posted: Jun 21, 2011 10:44 PM FEED
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suzibb 1d ago
I am packing for Armenia today and getting ready for tonight’s fundraiser going away party at Elixir. If you are in the #berkshires join me to celebrate #newilluminations so excited and nervous I am stumped for poetry. XoxoS
suzibb 3d ago
I got to see Cat today. Next time I lay eyes on her she will be 20!!! I am packing for Armenia, preparing for the @elixirllc event, and so completely excited to see my Armenian sisterhood. #newilluminations in #gyumri is on!
Thank you thank you thank you💗💗💗 XoS
suzibb 5d ago
Blessings on this day. The Sacred Refuge Sunday offering burns on. Like Naomi Shihab Nye writes, “You apply it to any wound, and the wound heals.” XoS. #sacredrefugesundays #newilluminations #berkshires #canangsari
suzibb 5d ago
Next stop for these stencils is Gyumri! I depart for Armenia this Friday! Sacred Refuge women are assembling collage kits today. @naz_bizarre_painting_studio get ready! XoxoS #newilluminations #gyumri #womenartists #mixedmedia #stencils #internationalresidency #haveartwilltravel
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 6:39 PM
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suzibb 1w ago
It’s your lucky day! Pink in North Adams on a Friday afternoon. Tell me how did luck strike you today? Seeing this building always makes me feel lucky. XoxoS #berkshires #northadams #pink #distressedpaint #luckyday
suzibb 1w ago
Interviews are an important component of New Illuminations. @ayeghoyan gave me such soulful stories about growing up in Gyumri and the difficult gender issues women face there. I hope to spend another long time with Anna talking and with other women artists, who I see as touchstones for their culture. Help me complete my fundraise by donating on @fractured.atlas, link is in my profile. Or attend my Going Away Party at @elixirllc in Great Barrington October 19 7-9 PM. It’s a fundraiser with great photographs in a raffle by @yulia_grigoryants and @knarbabayan. Please share with others interested in uplifting women’s lives in Armenia. @financialtimes has an excellent article by Andrew Jack this week about selective abortions and gender equality in Armenia. We each have light to bring to the world. New Illuminations is one candle. Please help me keep it alight! XoxoS #gyumri #newilluminations #armenia #womenartists #womensempowerment
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 10:03 PM
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suzibb 1w ago
Right now for my Mom. 10.10.10. Blessings, gratitude, and action taken from my heart. XoxoS
Posted: Oct 7, 2017 6:45 PM
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suzibb 1w ago
Testing my new @moment wide angle lens on the kitchen. Nicely done! Works well and no shadowy corners. XoS #shotonmoment #berkshires
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 9:42 PM
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suzibb 2w ago
The Berkshire Botanic Garden Harvest Festival is tomorrow. There are all sorts of wonderments to be had including these treasures in the Country Bazaar. #berkshires #vintage #linens #lace #toys #onemansjunk @berkshire_botanical_garden XoS
suzibb 2w ago
Today a very special gift a jar, folded up, and left on my table. Thank you to everyone who has donated to #newilluminations and for all the surprises that arrive. Put Thursday October 19 on your calendar for a Going Away Party Fund Raiser at @elixirllc in Great Barrington. Links in my profile for donations and mailing list sign up if you want to stay tuned to my artist residency in #gyumri where I will work with some amazing humans making hand bound journals. I am blessed by al this generosity. XoxoS
suzibb 2w ago
Did you know there is a postal museum in Washington DC? So many public shrines to what we value, including the mail system. It is a “Promoter of mutual acquaintance of peace and good will among men and nations.” Oh who could we write letters to today for a national dose of goodwill and peace? Here is to the @uspostalservice and to all of our mutual acquaintances. XoxoS #femailartnews #mailart #sendaletter #washingtondc
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 1:12 PM
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suzibb 2w ago
Half mast in DC. XoS
Posted: Oct 1, 2017 9:32 PM
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suzibb 2w ago
Sacred Refuge Sundays resumed today and we harvested from a bounteous season of growth. Taking stock, integrating, moving forward. Much delight to work in our journals today. XoS #sacredrefugesundays #artistbooks #canangsari
suzibb 2w ago
An evening in Germantown with Cat and Klemens. XoS
suzibb 3w ago
There are so many ways to spend energy, time, & money these days. So it is with absolute gratitude, as blessings, that I receive every donation towards #newilluminations, every order filled by suppliers like @colophonbookarts is made possible by a donation. Thank you to everyone who has donated to this artist residency in Armenia. I will carry your love with me as I travel next month. You can learn more about this project at Donation link is in my profile. And thanks to Sallie at the @penlandschool Supply Store for your help finding these heavy duty awls. Packing for #armenia! XoxoS #illuminatedmanuscripts #womenartists #bookarts #womensempowerment #gyumri
suzibb 3w ago
One month from today I will be in Gyumri for New Illuminations, an artist residency teaching book arts to adult and teen artists. Today I am working on my samples for a workshop with teen photographers at the KASA Foundation. So many stories to tell in #gyumri and so many ways to tell them! Xoxo S #armenia #bookarts #pastepaper #newilluminations
suzibb 3w ago
And in the beginning there was an apple. Life unfiltered on a Saturday making juice with many apples. May our beginnings be blessed. XoS #firstphotowithmynewphone #lifeunfiltered #berkshires
suzibb 4w ago
I hire Armenian photographers for #newilluminations. @knarbabayan and I met when and @johnstanmeyer introduced us during my first adventure in Gyumri. Knar is coming back for my next residency. Please help me fund this artist residency, a cultural exchange born in love for Illuminated manuscripts and women's voices in Armenia. Donation link is in my profile. Please share with your friends! XoxoS #illuminatedmanuscripts #womensempowerment #womenartists #bookarts #photography #armenia
Posted: Sep 22, 2017 1:55 PM
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suzibb 4w ago
Friday life unfiltered. In the #berkshires every plant is busting out with color. XoxoS #lifeunfiltered #nasturtium