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Some people never learn not to make faces at me. Haha! 😂
How can she look so cute after making so much noise all day?
OMG such a delicious meal at the Eel's Foot. Would actually be happy to eat this again for every meal for the rest of my life.
Blaise was SO EXCITED to be starting school properly today. So cute.
Absolutely amazing lunch today at the Dog and Duck with my lovely Craig.
Enjoying a few final moments of peace before the screaming, giggling whirlwind arrives.
Ipswich is still very Christmassy. Well, yesterday it was.
Craig and I winding down after hosting dinner.
Checking out a neat little castle right in our backyard (pretty much).
Lazy days. Finally feels like holidays.
How's this for an awesome present from the teacher? #frozen #olaf #olaf⛄ #kids #teacher
After party from the school party. Won't. Stand. Still.