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xsjrx 330w ago
All gone. In one night. Standard Saturday night in.
  • Excellent effort.

  • xsjrx 330w ago

    The majority of this was consumed by two people. Two thirsty people.

  • danremy_ 330w ago

    I love that you only used 2 bottles of tonic for that amount of gin.. Amazing achievement!!!

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xsjrx 7w ago
When you're smiling,
When you're smiling,
The whole world smiles with you.
xsjrx 14w ago
This was a fucking great day.
xsjrx 19w ago
I did not steal this glass. Even though I wanted to.
xsjrx 27w ago
That time we drank so much they rewarded us with commemorative merchandise.
xsjrx 30w ago
Midday at Gulfoss - the biggest waterfall of them all - just before I turned around to complain about having to walk everywhere.
Iceland: done.
xsjrx 30w ago
On the road again
Goin' places that I've never been
Seein' things that I may never seen again
xsjrx 30w ago

Staring at the sky, teeth chattering from the cold, listening to @ericprydz 2 hours out of Reykjavik.
Fuck commercial fireworks on NYE. These are WAY better.
xsjrx 30w ago
Me. Sitting in an 800 year old ice cave under a glacier. Which I licked. Tasted fine.
xsjrx 30w ago
North American tectonic plate on the right. Eurasian tectonic plate on the left. I walked casually between them. The only place on the planet you can do that.
xsjrx 31w ago
Langjökull Glacier. Natural wonder / brilliant place to snowmobile. So we did.