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While waiting for the first snow to come it's perfect time to sit down, light up the candles, drink a hot chocolate and go through all the photos from summer. The summer of '17 was shorter than ever because of the weather we had here in Finland. But oh my how beautiful it was! ✨
Such a beautiful beings these reindeer are! 🦌Did you know that in the area of Lapland there are almost the same (or even a little bit more) amount of reindeer as local people?
Impression of one foggy fall day. Best thing in fog (what we have had a lot lately in Lapland) is that it makes the world look smaller and points out little details. Actually, I find fog as a really fascinating element in photography - although I don't really care how it affects in my daily mood. Can you recognise how weather affects on yours? 🌬
I've lived all my life here in Lapland and still I think there is no place like this. When I was younger, I thought I'd move as far as I could, but I never left. And nowadays I'm so glad about it. Although I live in a small town called Rovaniemi (the city of Santa Claus!) the nature is really close. I can run in the middle of the forest just in 10 minutes and for example this place in the picture is just one hour away from my home. Perfect place for getaway just for one night! So grateful! #lapland
Time to say bye bye to summer and it's bright nights. I would lie if I said it's easy for me - the beginning of autumn is in many ways like a start of a new year with all new things in life. University courses start running again, my fiance Lauri moves again into another city to carry on his own studies, many new projects start at the same time and I also feel the long Winter coming... So, I'm quite melancholic at the moment but also super excited for example about by art teacher and master studies, first climate change education day as an educator (!) and my first own exhibition! So so good new beginnings coming with all these magic dark nights! 💫 How do you feel about the autumn?
Today we are celebrating the Finnish Nature Day! Such a fantastic reason to celebrate, don't you think? 🍃 Actually, did you know that Finland is the first country in the world who has decided to flag for the nature every year? So proud of that! #suomi100vuotta
You can't see me! 🙈 This young and curious reindeer suddenly came across us in the woods lately. Usually reindeer run away from you but this fellow didn't. Instead, first he slowly took a look at us curiously and then tried to hide himself behind this little spruce. How clever (and adorable) is that! ☝️
The most amazing sunset I've ever seen. Two weeks ago we arrived to Aavasaksanvaara hill just before the sun went behind these clouds. 10 minutes later the sun appeared from middle of the clouds, just as red as you see it here, to set down. You should have seen my face, mouth wide open. Dear Lapland, you really suprise me every time. ✨
This week's mode: camping. 🏕 We've visited amazing places just near my grandmother's place in Mäntyharju and today it's time to head Punkaharju, where Lauri's mother lives. Some boating ahead, yippee! ✌️