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California Cat Center

Hello! My fellow kitty owners and kitty lovers! Follow @californiacatcenter and get a glimpse of this wonderful facility! 😽😻❤️ ----------------------------------------------------#californiacatcenter #boarding #grooming #vetservices #catsofinstagram #catsonly #kittylove
Just dropped off my #kittybaby at the groomers in my #catshirt im officially a #catlady lmao #catladyproblems she ain't taking that shedding shit to the new place !
Today's latest case of Curiosity and the Cat: I was awakened to the sound of pitiful mewling and a clattering of cascading dishes around 5 am. I shrugged it off and sped back to my last hour of interrupted sleep before the baby woke up. When Holly woke up, we did her usual bottle and getting dressed routine, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed Oliver skulking about with a certain air of shame. Then, I noticed that he was wearing about 18" of adhesive fly tape, including the crispy remnants of dead flies. It all made sense; the clattering I heard this morning was Oliver climbing a stack of clean dishes to play with the fly tape hanging from the ceiling. It was a sticky situation to say the least, but now thanks to our friends at the California Cat Center, Oliver is rocking a lion cut and feels like the velveteen kitten. You might even say he looks pretty fly.

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