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Park Slope Food Coop

Did you know our co-founder @carlydefilippo is a trained chef? While she may not cook in restaurants, we’re pretty sure she qualifies as a professional grocery shopper. She’s got a serious passion for rare produce - like these beautiful purple brussels sprouts from @foodcoop.
Fresh Fish #Repost @pierlessfishbk
#Mahimahi is still in season but not for long! These awesome fish coming in from #NorthCarolina are an awesome value and great for a #local, #seasonal option on any menu. It's also a great fish for weeknight dinners if you're a @foodcoop member 😉 #seafood #instafish #mahi
Certified organic whole grain health breads cooling before coming your way in the morning. Have a great night, folks. 🍞💪⚡️ #Repost @breadalonebakery
LOOK UP at the top of produce aisle: LOCAL Tarragon, Stinging Nettles, Lemon Balm, Thyme, Garlic Chives #Organic #eatlocal #supportlocalfarmers #Lancaster #HepworthFarm
Today's list:
I just want a four bedroom three bath household on 6th and 3rd in Park Slope ... Is that too much to ask?!? #PermanentVacation #SheUnderstandsMe

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