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Shirts gettin more loose, arms feelin tighter, traps and shoulder showin more size .... gettin there #grindin #nodayzoff #motivated
ttom456 19w ago
Everyone wants to be a weightlifter until it's time to lift heavy ass weights. I'm hurting allot now. 810# #weighttraining #doyouevenlift #doyou ? #imdying #senddrugs #gymlife #iskillingme #iwontdowhatyoutellme
asward9 20w ago
"It doesn’t matter who’s doubting, hating, or hoping you fail… Just keep working, believing, and pursuing what you want the most.

I am not blessed cause everything went right
I’m blessed cause i got fight.

When challenges come up, 
I don’t say “why me”.
When tough times arrive, 
I never think “why did this happen to me”
 I say: “how can i use this”
 I say: “what can i gain from this”
“How can i ensure that i improve my life, so this doesn’t happen again”

That’s my blessing.
Not what i’ve got to work with,
But how i work with what i got." - Chris Ross

One of my favorite speeches. You can't always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react. Torn ACL or not I'm always gonna grind.

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