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Yesterday I stress-ate an entire spinach pizza, a pint of Swiss Vanilla Almond Häagen-Dazs, and two gluten-free bean burritos. Today it’s Pilates at lunch AND then spin in a few hours to work it off. Usually, I stress-starve, because my stomach shuts down, so, I don’t regret a damn thing! #itsallgood #cheatdays #athleticgirls #justdoit
Current physique but this mornings weight was 193 lbs (image was from yesterday).
I was ROCKING my keto program last week and then Friday - Saturday I decided to enjoy a few glasses of wine from 🍷 @gaineyvineyard ,
have a 🍩 from @crafteddonutsla , eat a pint @benandjerrys 🍨 and enjoy my wife’s home made 🌮’s. Shot my weight all the way up to 200.2 lbs on Sunday am (weighted in 191 lbs Friday). This morning I’m back down to 193 lbs after 2 days of 16 hour fast and you know what? I’m not even worried about it! The scale doesn’t determine much in my world other than how much I should eat and it should be the same on yours (unless you’re competing) ! I’m not saying you should let go completely but I’ve spent the last decade living my life by the scale and for the first time I’m trying to find a balance. If you’re looking to find a balance in your life or looking to find a way to implement a meal program into your life that is more lifestyle based and sustainable go to and go to the “Contact Us” button and let’s get you started!
Go to for your free copy of #FtheScale 📚!
vanceel 23h ago
“BEVERLY KILLS.” Lolol... you wish your gym was this extra...

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