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Alloy Dance Company

#aboutlastnight spent the evening with great minds. Got into an intriguing convo about the settlement movement and the use of #psychodrama as a tool for social and psychological growth within settlement house with professor emeritus Dr. Vernell Lillie. It was interesting to talk with Dr. Lillie about her use of the "empty chair" as a form of theatrical psychodrama. James Baldwin also came up in convo with Deryck Tines along with male achievement, and the absence of black same-gender-loving men in this achievement dialogue. Tines and my dear friend and colleague Lucy Mensah @kwamen bonded on Baldwin. She'll be presenting a paper during her time here in Pittsburgh on the intersection of modernism, blackness, and futurity, with a consideration of how writers and artists, like Baldwin, aesthetically represent the tension between black presentism/imagined futurity. Twas a great night!
Too blessed to be stressed! Sharing my gifts with the 20+ baby ballerinas of Dance Alloy on Saturday morning. Dance education is about more than looking cute. Expand minds & have fun #babyballerina #pittsburghdances #lovemesomethem
.@9thwondermusic said he learned about Carter G. Woodson from @MrChuckD and exposure to Public Enemy at 18 greatly impacted his life. #Ask9th
.@9thwondermusic said he identified w/ A Tribe Called Quest because he, too, was one of the smartest kids in school. #Ask9th
So great to hear @9thwondermusic talk about his first exposure to Hip Hop and loving it! Thanks, @1hood! #Ask9th

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