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Hot Topic Ross Park Mall

I'm usually not a sappy person, but I have to take this moment to thank all of my co-workers at Hot Topic for the past 6 weeks. Yesterday was my last day before going back to school and I couldn't be more lucky to have people like them in my life and a place that feels like a second home. It's one of the only places where I feel like I belong and I've learned a lot about how good it feels to work with a family of sorts. Also, special shoutout to Casey for giving me my job back and allowing me to come back in the future. I've learned a lot from her too. I'll miss you all! 💕💀 #HotTopicFamily #HTLife #HotTopic #WhereIBelong #WorkingFamily #WorkingWoman #BestJobEver #GoingToMissEveryone #Tb
Nothing makes me feel old like going into #hottopic with my kid! I remember getting excited to come here when I was a teen.
I'm the best, I take selfies at hot topic XD new hair is awesome though; I am much happy with it

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