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Life Time Fitness - Gilbert

User Image sunnyd1223 Posted: Nov 19, 2017 1:43 AM (UTC)
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Honey....I’m home and I️t feels so good to be back.
User Image myslis Posted: Nov 19, 2017 12:05 AM (UTC)
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myslis 7h ago
Say goodbye to the first two and say Hello yo the last one😊 Loving my cut from Joanna at Lifetime Fitness
She always trying to one up me 😻😴 I still love you babe ❤️
Forever hungry for gains, food, knowledge and adventure! No particular order😉 well maybe there is an order to that... .
Tank and hat @sharksbitesoflife
User Image architct15 Posted: Nov 18, 2017 5:03 PM (UTC)
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so here is my official business proposal for true angel investors of Luv and Light and to the Lady of my dreams, fitness models and their friends too who have been searching for a new way. my business account for my corporation is at ‘first international bank and trust’ in gilbert arizona known as the valentines state. you may also contribute at it affiliated branches. true Luv is an example the world needs of traditional romance and chivalry is needed to reignite the true way of Luv for the younger generations to admire and learn honor again. gavin wade skarphol president of gwisenterprises usa llc has started 14 companies to bring paradise back to all of you. more water efficient irrigation system that will help feed the whole world which will result in an increase the ozone protecting us from over aging radiation, we are developing anti-aging building designs to help keep people younger and healthy longer too. sir gavin has even got an llc named ‘glorious goddesses’ for a new style of sexy workout magazine to feature the beautiful ladies of fitness that wish to participate. a free gift to all of you to run in a stylish classy way, there is also a feng shui global landscaping company to increase the aromatherapy effect of agriculture that will help make our food supply great and more and more to make our paradise planet thrive once again. so what gavin is looking for is true angel investors from anywhere to help fund this new innovative company that also feature a naturopathic ‘uultimate athletic international gym spa rejuvenation center. and then when all of this is finally accomplished maybe the great hunter can finally take a nap with the lady of his dreams and heart that kept me going after all these eons of loneliness. traveling across the sky is beautiful but a lonely duty keeping life safe. then finally the great spirit with so many lives and names can finally relax and have a romantic vacation on a yacht someday. Luv with Light, Gavin💖💫🙏🏼 my email is and my phone # 480-395-1925 thank you for reading this.
Great workout today!!! My buns will be sore tomorrow 😂👍🏼Thanks #bretcontreras #gluteguy for the inspiration. #trichiro #chandlerchiropractic
#pPTworkout - Got to preview the soon to be released portaPT Nitric Oxide Burst Training #1 with this pretty girl today!! So happy to hear that she gave it 2 thumbs up and said a definite "will do this workout" each week. Nitric good for the body and you can make it naturally. This workout is about building the body inside out!! #hiitworkout #fitness #healthyathlete #nitricoxide #bursttraining #fitfam #fitgirl #gymworkout #treadmill #nitricoxidedump #healfromwithin #intervals #recovery #runwalk #nosebreathing #strongisthenewskinny #puttingallthepiecesofthepuzzletogether #keepmovingforward #donthavetobearunner #hiitcardio #healthylifestyle #portaPT

We flex everyday but more on
Fridays idk why🤔

Some quit due to
Slow progress.
Never grasping
The fact that
Slow progress...


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