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Dallas Love Field (DAL)

askzac 37m ago
Only in Texas can you get skirt steak with eggs and re fried beans for breakfast. Supper yummy. The guy that walked up to their bar, at 7am, was very disappointed to find out that they could not serve him a Bloody Mary till 10 am due to Texas Law. There is also a boot shop, a Whataburger, and a bbq joint nearby. #texas #thatsrightyourenotfromtexas
Had the game beside me all night hoping the Yankees could pull it off. Didn’t happen but it was a great run! Hopefully next year they go all the way! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Heading to @explorertattoo early today in Chicago! I have the full day to myself...anyone gonna be there early? #explorertattoo #ExplorerTattooConference #chicago #tattoo
A little weather to deviate around bringing SMU Mustang Program home from a hard fought victory against Cincinnati Bearcats. #southwestair #southwestairlines #ponyuptempo #smu
Insomnia🔚Colored a page from my planner + diary 🐱🎨🌈
Fun Fact: cats make everything better✨#connectingflight

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