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LA Ink High Voltage Tattoo

Lembrança boa...primeira tattoo no LA Ink High Voltage, com o Koi! Jan/2014 🤗❤️👍🏻
Tattoos and snowboarding... Hand in hand?😬🏂🙏🎶
1 x EPIC & EXCLUSIVE Freestyle trip to Queenstown NZ this September.

Check out your video invitation here -

Limited spots left, be quick!! We'd love you to join us!! #snowboarding #skiing #travel #explore #mindfulness #snow #gosnowapp
A Kat no la vía... me quedé con ganas. (Si... miro los canales que no ve nadie... y que?)
I just wanna say thank you @highvoltagetat for such an amazing experience and their awesome family. And a huge thank you to @saigonkicker for the opportunity, I hope to come back to guest spot again soon! Thank you all again for the hospitality!

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