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TITLE Boxing Club Concord

This quote from Kobe Bryant was said to Celtics' player Gordon Hayward in regards to his injury the other night on the court.
This same quote can be directly related to your fitness journey here at TITLE. Don't just set your ONE goal that you want to achieve. Set "mini milestones" that will help you reach that goal!
Once you reach a "mini milestone" - reward yourself for your hard work. .
Examples of "mini milestones" - - Completing a Sunday 75 minute class! - Completing a Bag-Stand! - Completing a Full 30 second burner! - Completing a 1 minute plank! - Completing 3 class in one week! .
What's your "mini-milestone"?!?!?!
#minimilestones #hardworkpaysoff #motivation #rewardyourself #celtics #gordonhayward #kobebryant #fitnessjourney
When you wake up from 8 hours of restful uninterrupted sleep, get your kids off to school, and then have an hour long intense boxing workout with your favorite blonde boxing buddy! That my friends, is how you start a Tuesday! 💪🙌 🤛
Community Partner Spotlight on: EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS!
Did you know that when you go into the Edible Arrangements shop right here on Main St. in Concord & show your TITLE Key Tag - You will receive 20% OFF Edible Arrangement Bouquets?!?!?! YES!
AND A BONUS PERK - You can receive $2 OFF Edible To-Go Items!!
What are Edible To-Go Items you ask?
To-Go Items: Real fruit smoothies, Pineapple pops and Froyo Fruit Products!!
Fresh Fruit Bouquets are the PERFECT thing to Bring to your Next Family Gathering!!
*Also Valid at the Manchester Location on Elm St. . .
#ediblearrangements #communitypartner #partnership #fresh #fruit #chocolatecoveragefruit #perk #titleboxingclub #yesplease @ediblearrangements @intownconcord
After weeks of being sick I'm finally back to feeling like myself again. Eating clean and working out hard. Feeling motivated. Feeling strong. 💪🏽
Grateful that everyone in my immediate life is home and safe. Also grateful for punching bags.
Donate blood, donate money, tell someone you love them. #vegas
What did you do today?!
- donate blood ✔
- called to start the process to see if I am a kidney match for Laura ✔
Nice 5:15am class today at @titleboxingclubconcord with trainer Alex. I was matched up with a dude named Brad. Dude hits like a fucking MOOSE! Lol. Working on my footwork and defense. Good way to start the day. #boxing #workout #training #fitness #mindset #focus #motivation @kainelegacy

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