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Tonganoxie Elementary School

Friday's have an all new meaning for this dude! He rocked his first week of kindergarten and is ready to sleep in tomorrow! #friyay #benniev #momofboys #realtormom #theresnoplacelikehome #kansascitychiefs
No tears for anyone this am but now here I am an hour and a half after I dropped him off and I can't stop crying! Time flies so fast! #benniev #momofboys #realtormom #theresnoplacelikehome #kindergarten
Working at school on a Saturday. Tried to get my puppets down for #plays #fluencypractice and this fell and broke. Gracie made this for me with help from @megangarren in 2011. *sigh* #imgoingtogocrynow
Some days are harder than others being a teacher. This whole week has just been....well, hard. But then Gannon, a former student who is in 5th grade now, helped his friend hand out birthday treats. I wasn't in my room and this was the note I found on my desk. I tell my kids "I love you" because, well, they are MY KIDS. I'm just glad they aren't afraid to tell me they love me back even when they aren't in my class anymore❤️ #thisiswhyiteach #iteachsecond
FINALLY! After about 2 years of wondering, we finally twinned without planning it. @jenny_marie90 I'm pretty sure we were the best dressed that day 😜💁🏻💁🏽 #twinningiswinning #teacherlife
Well this happened today. A former student came to say hello because he didn't have school. He's now a senior and is joining the Army in July. Can't believe some of my babies are old enough for real life things😢#teacherlife #mykids #soproud

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