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Terminal 7 - Los Angeles International Airport

User Image dirtycakesband Posted: Nov 17, 2017 8:33 PM (UTC)
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In Korea, he’s known as Monkey Banana Man...
And that is a lie
HALF FRESH/ HALF HEALED on Wednesday Dalton and i wrapped up this Tusken Raider portrait. I can’t wait till it’s all healed up and i get maybe squeeze in a little more of that rich cloth texture. Thanks for sitting so well and being so patient buddy! I can’t wait to work on that imperial pilot next!! It’s gonna be epic!!
Some really cool tags from @cherryblossomsblue VERY NICE! ❤️ More books and illustrations by my favorite artists and illustrators arriving daily at @theboxsf we’re gearing up for the creation of 3 different lines of Letterpress Cards, many collage Classes and sales to Collector’s of Ephemera of every kind! 👍🛠😉 I am building something unique that will have a great deal of this material in San Francisco. In the former William Randolph Hearst Printing plant! It’s a very accurate recreation of an 1850’s General Country Store and Letterpress Printing and Printed Arts Center! It’s a destination for Designers, Artists, Printers, Makers, Collector’s, Archivists and anyone interested in Advertising, Graphic Design, Letterpress, Stone Lithography, Printmaking, Collage, Scrapbooking, Rubber Stamping, Bookmaking, Marbling, Printing, Lettering, Typography and CRAFT! I have an archive of over 10 million images, labels, poster stamps, graphics, bookplates, illustrated books, antique advertising signs and displays and antique packaging. 🛠 The concept is to sell and educate others on the art of collecting, preservation and creation of ALL THINGS PRINTED! It’s almost 15,000 feet on 4 levels! I am looking for collaborators, teachers, press operators, and people with a passion for these things to work with me, and to help me save this important and rare design history! We are not a museum. We will be creating and selling product and Ephemera from all over the world! ANY QUESTIONS CALL ME: 415-602-9500
Thank you for following, sharing and helping me to launch! If it’s Printed or has Lettering or Type, then we’ll be selling it! #bookarts #graphicdesign #letterpress #letterpressprinting #stonelithography #printmaking #classes #workshops #collage #scrapbookimg #rubberstamping #makers #artists #designers #illustratedbooks #posterstamps #labels #typography #packaging #advertising #antiques #inspired

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