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Snake CrossFit

Fitness in 100 words 👌🏽 #Repost @crossfit (@get_repost)
"Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar."
This is Jack - he doesn’t let his age define him & he’s an absolute legend! He trains almost every day & is up for giving anything a go. Such an inspiration! #ageisjustanumber #whatsyourexcuse
Goodnight 😴 rest up so you can dominate another week at SCF 💪😉
Let’s hope that today’s WOD is a little kinder than last Saturday’s 😉😂
The unofficial crossfit rules 🤓:
1. Show up & do work
2. Leave your ego at the door
3. Nobody cares what your time was
4. Everybody cares if you cheated
5. Effort earns respect!
As a crossfit community we support each other👌🏼👏🏽 #effortearnsrespect
Start saving your pennies! 💸💸 @livesorehunter are coming to SCF on Saturday 28th October to host a pop up shop from 8am 👚👕 check out their page & website to see what gear you can buy! (EFTPOS available 💳☺️)
The Saturday morning WOD had us like 🚴‍♀️🚴🏾😂 #Repost @crossfitgames (@get_repost)
🎥 The 5 assault bike stages... 🎬
Not long after this Imogen got her first full rope climb! You go girl 👊

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