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Pike's Soda Shop

Food Coma. Honey Pecan crusted chicken, mashed potatoes & yummy broccoli casserole.
This place never disappoints! Honey pecan chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli casserole. Fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade phosphate! 5 stars*****
🎶When you're the best of friends...🎶 Ok maybe not yet but they will be ❤️🐾. First meeting between Koda & Serena went splendidly well--neither pooch could have cared less about the other! Yeah for furry friends and the non furry ones like @lizzyaballard that I ❤️so much! #besties #dogs #dogsofinstagram #womansbestfriend #puppylove #furryfriends #friends #onestepclosertopuppyspooning

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