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Roli Roti Truck

馋死ferry building的烤鸡了😭(爆爆视角)
Lunch on pier1/ ferry building! Farmers market and cute shops. roli roti pancetta sandwhich. #letichsincali
You will never eat another roasted chicken in your entire life.
finally! pork knuckle! I think I'm going to do die! #unluckyfoodie
The public often mistakenly thinks of bees and wasps as inherently aggressive under any circumstances, due to the ease with which some colonies are stimulated to attack in defense of their nest. In reality, individual workers away from the nest tend to narrowly focus on foraging and typically ignore humans, even when close to them. Stings are almost always provoked by firm, accidental contact, such as stepping on a worker, taking the insect into the mouth with food or drink, or pressing/striking a bee or wasp with the hand. The risk of being stung is therefore elevated in locations where large numbers of bees or wasps have congregated to feed, particularly where humans are doing the same.

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